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Monday, January 25, 2021

Get Those Wrong Thoughts Out of Your Head, You Religious Zealot! We Need Leftist Ideologues!

Guest Post by Lise Baur

Re-education, de-programming, and brain-washing are three terms for basically the same idea, i.e., that some people don't think 
properly. Therefore, another group of people use whatever means they can get away with to “correct” the “wrong-headed” thoughts. And when I say think properly I mean in lock step with LEFTIST ideologies.

When I read or hear proposals about establishing a camp or some program being bandied about, the people writing or speaking seem to mean some future event or program. But it is already happening. Most people in the United States are already re-educated and brain-washed, particularly the young. This subtle programming has been in place for decades through our higher education system, Hollywood, and other institutions. It spread to our churches, K-12 education, and government agencies. From there, these evil leftist ideologies made their way into our homes. What we witness now is the bitter end of a successful program moving to harsher penalties for those who simply could not be turned into leftists.

Think I am wrong? Then consider this: many years ago, when I was still pretty wet-behind-the-ears, I asked my mom who once lived in Hollywood if there were gay actors back in the 1950’s. My mom told me yes and everyone knew who they were. The actors and studios kept it to themselves. No talk of that in polite society. 

Fast forward to 2020. Today most Americans recognize state licensed sodomy as “marriage”. Those who do not are branded right wing extremists or religious zealots. They are ridiculed, berated, and expelled from (im)polite society. 

What changed? Did the disgusting act of sodomy change? (Yes, sodomy is disgusting!) No, the act is still the same. But most people were brainwashed into accepting it or full out celebrating it. 

The relentless brainwashing on various topics infiltrates all types of media: television, movies, ads, billboards, songs, social media, sex ed programs in schools (that effectively begin in kindergarten), "diversity" story hours in libraries, government funded studies and programs “designed” to "help" citizens. The evil pervades our society. It takes a strong will to resist all that we come in contact with every day. One might even say that it takes supernatural power not to succumb.

From there, one can pretty easily jump to the latest popular cause, the conclusion that if one doesn’t get vaccinated one is a hater and a killer. Never mind that logically vaccination works to protect those being vaccinated first and foremost and that those who are not are more at risk so in effect they are hurting themselves not others. But that type of logical reasoning is long gone.

Some are called fascist by people employing fascist techniques. Some are told they’re racists by those actually making race the central feature of which everything about a person hinges. Some are called intolerant by those who cannot stand to hear an opposing point of view. And seemingly all are getting away with it. All of this can happen because too many of our citizens have been denied a real education and access to the truth. Too many live in the darkness of their own immorality and cannot appreciate the goodness in others. 

To fully appreciate the goodness in others, you have to first appreciate your own goodness. Same with love, to love another you have to first love yourself. Narcissists actually hate themselves and therefore cannot truly love another. Most folks in our country today have been re-educated or beaten down enough to just accept whatever the popular view is even if it is immoral. At some point, it just becomes too difficult to try to go against the ever-flowing tide and then that’s when one gives in just to get by.

I had to break it to my college-aged son just the other day that when he talks of right wing extremists, he’s talking about his mother. He looked crestfallen. I told him to remember that the Nazis aren’t on the right, they are on the left. White supremacists are not on the far right, they are on the far left. People like me are on the right. He suddenly looked confused. He knows this because I taught him history. I mean, I literally taught him history through homeschooling, but now he’s in his senior year in college and he’s now educated and knows better than those backward, old fashioned ideas. I reminded him of our Blessed Lord separating the sheep and goats. Goats to the left and sheep to the right. I am praying that after he graduates his solid foundation will shore him up and correct his errant thinking. I am happy he still comes to us for guidance in navigating current events. I am confident that he will draw his own conclusions and be drawn to the truth. (No brain-washing on my part necessary!)

Truth always prevails which is why the leftist has to shut down people like me. They have to “correct” our thoughts through force and intimidation because their ideology has no merit or substance to convince on its own. But as Fr. Reuter said this past summer, “There is not one single problem that Jesus cannot solve.” and that’s exactly with Whom I am placing all of my hope.


Saint Joan of Arc said...

I have a son who was a challenge before he went to college. When he graduated from Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, he believed the homosexual was oppressed and abortion was a "fatigued" issue. He lives out west and we don't hear from him much, but we pray for him each day. I believe, "Raise up a child in the way he should go and in his old age he will not depart". God is good and I believe He will bring him back into the fold.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'll be praying for your son today, Joan. It's so sad when our children wander from the path, but often when they return it's with a fervor they never would have had if they never strayed. Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Unknown said...

Jesus, You are The Good Shepherd. Please bring back the sheep that have strayed from Your fold, including my sheep.