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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Under the Circus Tent: The Sideshow Biden Administration Begins

Mundabor's blog today really pegged the administration freak show whose iconic image is transgender Rachel Levine, a man playing dress-up in his mommy's clothes. (Pray for all those so confused about the birds and the bees they can't tell the difference between girls and boys.)

Levine is the new Assistant Health Secretary for the country. In view of his actions addressing the Wuhan virus in Pennsylvania, it's hard to imagine Biden finding anyone more incompetent! He killed thousands of nursing home patients with the same disastrous policy followed in New York, i.e., sending sick patients back into the homes where they infected others. Oh...but first he removed his own mother from a nursing home to protect her. He obviously was aware of the danger and just didn't care about everyone else's mothers. 

It's hard to imagine any normal person looking at the incoming cabinet and not recognizing that we truly are in the thrall of a diabolos ringmaster (obviously not the demented-in-chief Joe Biden) who is cracking the whip. The Democrats talk about diversity; a more accurate term would be perversity. But I'll let Mundabor speak for himself:

It is also not, I think, entirely coincidental that the First Trannie (I wonder if Jill is jealous) should have come from such an administration; an administration led by a child hair sniffer whose wife has forbidden her drug-addicted son to spend time with her niece. Honestly, I think that a deeper look at the Biden family would reveal stuff that perfectly rival, perhaps even surpass (if that is possible) the abomination of tranniedom.

This is interesting, also, for a different reason. It is as if the Good Lord, in His goodness, did not cease to allow Democrat supporters to open their eyes on what is going on here: the clear satanical influence on this administration. The signals abound that no decent person, no matter how misguided his (initially) honest intentions might be, should identify himself with these people. The ugliness of their souls stares their voters in the face.

I'm not as optimistic as Mundabor that Biden supporters will even bat an eyelash at the sick joke our government has become. I actually had a comment on a post yesterday from someone ending with, "Hopefully there are less divisive days ahead, for all." Seriously? As dozens of Democrats and MSM talking heads call for punishing and deprogramming 74 million Trump voters? How does this person define "divisive?" Talk about being deaf, dumb, and blind. 

Can anyone take Joe's talk about "unity" as more than hot air as he promises to defeat "white supremacy," a term used for months to attack anyone who supported Trump regardless of their race? Candace Owen is a white supremacist as are the black sisters Diamond and Silk and any other person of color who dares to support the Constitution.

Mundabor ends his post with this sobering challenge. 

I have written it several times, and I repeat it here: it is impossible that in Sodom everybody was a pillow-biter. If that had been the case, the place would have been empty way before God’s punishment. What was, evidently, going on was widespread perversion, universally accepted. Still, the punishment was given to all, the doers as well as the enablers.
It comes, I think, the point where silence is complicity, and people will be judged according to the abominations they have allowed to happen and to be “celebrated”.

Absolutely! We confess at Mass in the Confiteor and repent for "what I have done and what I have failed to do." Now is not the time for silence, but be prepared for persecution if you dare to speak truth to power. After all, those 25,000 troops in D.C. were there to send a powerful message. "We have the power and we will use it." But the power of God is greater so we have nothing to fear.

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