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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Not My President, Not My King!

The Congress certified Joe Biden's electoral steal yesterday following a tumultuous day that reminded me of the French Revolution. I wish those protestors who went to the Capitol had stopped at the entrances, knelt down, prayed the rosary and sung hymns. 

Like the Catholics in the Vendee who rose up against the Reign of Terror, their grievances are legitimate and I share them. Sadly, they embraced the tactics of the enemy which now will become justification for further draconian measures against we the "deplorables." It was a sad day for all of us on many fronts.

Who exactly were the protesters? Who knows? After hundreds of thousands rallied for President Trump, a few hundred invaded the Capitol. How many were Antifa/BLM plants? We'll never know. You won't see the mainstream media show the video of Trump supporters trying to stop the vandalism. Heck no! The narrative has to be about all those violent Trump supporters. Funny, how violence is now being condemned after a year of justifying the looting, burning, and killing in major cities by leftists and anarchists - even labeling it a love fest and street party. Just call the Capitol event establishment of CHAD EAST.

No doubt many of the protesters were honest-to-goodness Trump supporters caught up in the adrenaline of mob action. One of those, Leo Kelly, was interviewed at LifeSiteNews. He expressed the frustration many feel. He also sounds like a God-fearing man asking a legitimate question.

"What are we supposed to do?"

Exactly! We have a Capitol building that I have entered many times with visitors who wanted to see it. We didn't face locked doors and threats and even gun shots and death, like the Air Force veteran killed yesterday, Ashli McEntee Babbitt. We walked in freely to observe our government in action. 

No more! 

The Capitol now represents the seat of repression where gender insanity rules and the most incompetent and even traitorous fill the seats -- on both sides of the aisle. They line their own pockets and extort the hard earned money from their wage slaves to pay for abortion in foreign countries and useless wars that destroy the lives of our children.

The vice president of LifeSiteNews was on the ground in D.C. and described what he saw:
I saw a lot of people who love God and love their country. And the vast, vast majority of them truly were overwhelmingly peaceful.

We will not know who stepped over the line from protest to mob until the investigations (which are surely forthcoming) are conducted, but we do know one thing: When a long train of abuses are piled one atop another with ever increasing oppressiveness, and freedom and democracy are blatantly flaunted and crushed as they were in this November’s elections and the fascistic COVID lockdowns that essentially put most of America under house arrest, the people will respond, and not always peacefully.
The violent events that occurred in Washington, D.C. are not good for America, but let’s not kid ourselves: Trump did not cause them by demanding election integrity. Decades and decades of increasing lawlessness and government tyranny did.

How can anyone who believes this was a stolen election call the senile Joe Biden "my president?" Frankly, I can't! Their demand for unity after four years waging war against a sitting president with lies and slander is breathtakingly hypocritical. Demand that we swallow their T-Rex? Impossible!

The presidential election was clearly manipulated in key states with vote tampering, vote buying, vote flipping, and ballot box stuffing --- all intended to make sure the Democrats won regardless of the will of the people -- and that they will continue to win in perpetuity. In Alinsky's America (Saul Alinsky is, after all, the guru of the Democrats), the end justifies the means and Lucifer's rules run the show. Lie, steal, cheat, even commit treason -- it's all justified by our betters, our ruling elite. 

The Georgia election, which now gives Biden and the Democrats the status of a monarchy, also appears to be stolen. How many non-residents were bused into Georgia to vote for the Democrats? Stacy Abrams' judge sister helped pave the way when she stopped counties from purging the roles of illegal voters. How many non-residents turned the tide to ensure the Democrats' total takeover?

At this point, can Americans ever trust another election? Certainly not a national election. The Democrats demonstrated their shameless and open fraud and steal. They will never lose the oval office again.

One can only pray that some honest state governors and state legislatures will investigate and crack down on the illegal activities in their own states and protect the integrity of the vote at that level. If they don't, all the states will suffer the same fate as we have in Virginia. I don't for a minute believe that Northam is a legitimate governor.

Today's responsorial psalm seemed oh-so-providential on the day after.... 

Lord, every nation on earth will adore you:

O God, with your judgment endow the king,

and with our justice, the king's son;

He shall govern your people with justice

and your afflicted ones with judgment.

From fraud and violence he shall redeem them,

and precious shall their blood be in his sight.

May they be prayed for continually;

day by day shall they bless him.

May his name be blessed forever;

as long as the sun his name shall remain.

In him shall all the tribes of the earth be blessed;

all the nations shall proclaim his happiness.

Joe Biden will never be our king; Kamala Harris will never be our queen. Christ is King over all the earth! 

We may not live at a time when "every nation on earth will adore" Him, but that day will come. In the meantime, my strategy will be to love the true, the good, and the beautiful and do everything I can to promote it in my family and community; to welcome whatever comes as the will of God no matter how evil it appears. 

God is the One who brings good out of every evil. He saves souls by allowing persecution. He invites a closer walk with Him when the road is covered in thorns and briars. 

We have nothing to fear because "in Him shall all the tribes of the earth be blessed" even the tribe of deplorables! Yes, take heart, all you deplorables. Jesus Christ is King even in this new world of Democrat tyranny. Embrace His Mother's peace plan laid out at Fatima. My daily prayer is "My Jesus, I offer this for love of You, for the the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

All will be well. Trust Him!


  1. I now feel as if I don't have to obey any laws except those I want to. If the democrats now in control don't obey laws, why should I?

  2. This post nails it. All week I have livid over the antifa trio who blind sided a trump supporter returning to his car. The guy sucker punched him knocking him out. The two females then rushed in and stomped him in the head. He had fallen head first so he already was seriously injured. Where was the outrage then? Where were DC cops then? No coverage then. What happened afterwards for that poor man? This was staged to stop the real issue. We no longer have a vote protected which drags freedom into muddy swamps of corruption. Some knew that. Trump proved all the probes. That is why they hate him.

  3. Dear Mary Ann,

    I whole-heartedly agree with what you have written! Thank you for writing. I find this particular blog essay to calm my spirit. I have been unsettled this whole week. I will go pray the rosary now.

    Pax et bonum,

  4. I'm so glad, Katie. We all need peace at this point. We really are in the midst of the French Revolution with the bloodthirsty revolutionaries in power. They allowed the violence in our cities to go unchecked and now pretend to be horrified at a violent event they may very well have orchestrated. I know people who were there who say the Trump supporters were trying to stop those breaking windows at the Capitol. Take heart in the fact that God always always always brings good out of evil for those who love Him. If these evil days make us all pray and do penance and listen to Our Lady more, no matter what happens it's a win for us. Remember the Roman martyrs who went to the coliseum singing songs of praise. Love overcomes hate every time!