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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I'm Engraged and You Should Be Too Over This Georgia Man's Suicide!

Update January 14: John Sullivan has been arrested and charged with unlawful entry, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of law enforcement. 

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Christopher Stanton Georgia.

Tot up another killing to the left. Georgia bank executive, Christopher Stanton Georgia (53) shot himself in the chest Saturday January 9th in the basement of his Atlanta subdivision home. He was arrested on January 6th and charged with violating the D.C. curfew and failing to disperse when ordered. There is nothing to indicate that he was involved in any Capitol violence whatsoever. Did he even go inside the building or was he on the property outside? If he did go in was he with the group welcomed by the Capitol police? Those questions remain.

On January 7th Georgia pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges. I doubt those charges led him to kill himself. More likely, the prospect of losing his livelihood drove him to despair. He was described by a neighbor who said, “He was a loving father. I never heard him speak badly to anyone about anyone. Always had a smile and loved cutting his own grass.” Sounds like my sons and sons-in-law! Christopher Georgia had the right to a presumption of innocence and a fair trial. He did not get that from the loving and tolerant left who have no use for the rule of law and Constitutional rights. 

Once Georgia was identified, the left began to deluge his employer, BB&T, with demands he be fired. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all you "tolerant" leftists committed to doxing and destroying anyone who disagrees with you or dared to support public enemy #2, Donald J. Trump. (Jesus Christ is public enemy #1.)

Think about this. 

How many looters, rioters, and vandals with BLM and Antifa have been charged for FELONIES of burning and destroying billions of dollars worth of businesses, not to mention public property. How many BLM/Antifa rioters have Democrats and the mainstream media described as domestic terrorists and insurrectionists? How many are being threatened with losing their jobs? (Do any of them have jobs besides being Soros-hired thugs?) How many are being banned from flying, having their book contracts canceled, being put on enemy lists, etc. ad nauseum

BLM activist, John Sullivan, founder of Insurgence USA, was inside the Capitol on the 6th, and in fact filmed the killing of Ashli Babbitt. Sullivan is a thug who has multiple obscene anti-Trump tweets using the F-word and saying Trump needed to be "ripped from the White House." He claimed he was at the Capitol to "record" what happened. Really? Sullivan is a BLM organizer who was arrested in Provo, Utah in 2020 for his part in the riot that killed one person. Was he actually in D.C. to foment violence? The guy is a revolutionary, for crying out loud! 

mug shot of John Sullivan from Provo, Utah riot that left one dead

This is the same guy who at a D.C. BLM rally in August urged revolution and told the crowd to "burn that sh*t down!" He went on to say of Trump, "We about to get that motherf***er. It's time for revolution!" 

Do you really believe he was in D.C. as an "observer?" Who paid for his air fare and hotel room? There are many reports of busloads of Antifa infiltrators brought into Washington.  Most were on Parler which has conveniently (for the left) been shut down. 

As for Sullivan, he was overheard in a phone call saying he was not being charged for his actions at the Capitol. 


Who got him a free pass? This stinks to high heavens and has all the earmarks of a false flag operation. No doubt there were Trump supporters like Christopher Georgia involved who were convenient scapegoats for the real insurrectionists.

Do you believe John Sullivan wasn't involved in fomenting the revolution he called for in August? Was he just a peaceful observer? 

How gullible are you? 

The most likely story is that Sullivan was, in fact, part of a planned event to invade the Capitol which began even before Trump finished his remarks at the ellipse? And I still want to know why others were charged for just being there and he wasn't!

The answer, I think, is fairly obvious. He stands for the right kind of violence -- the violence that helps the Democrat anti-Trump narrative. Anyone who deviates from their creeping Communism is fair game for the cancel culture and the politics of personal destruction.

Personally, I don't have to worry about losing a job and not being able to provide a livelihood for my kids since they are all grown up.  And I'm not afraid to be ridiculed and doxed. So I'm leaving my big Trump flags on my house on either side of my flag of the Vendee. They will be there until they disintegrate from the weather. 

As for Christopher Stanton Georgia, I'm having a Mass said for the repose of his soul and the comfort of his family. And I'm praying for justice for all the haters committed to violence who eagerly destroy not only babies in the womb but anyone who loves God, faith, and family. May they come to their senses like the Prodigal Son before they face the judgment seat of God. And God help America!

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