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Monday, January 18, 2021

Do You Really Want to Get That Jab?

NOT ME! First of all, despite bioethicists saying the connection to abortion is remote, I watched an interview on LifeSiteNews with biologist and vaccine expert Pamela Acker that shows the connection continues and that kidney cells were taken from living babies to develop the vaccines. 

Hey, if you want that on your conscience, it's up to you, but I don't. It makes me think of the Aztecs ripping out the beating human hearts of their victims. No thanks!

And then there's the safety question. 
Sorry, maybe the deaths and serious side effects are rare, but for those the vaccine kills and injures it's 100%. Why would I risk my life and health for an illness that kills about 5% of people my age and fewer than .02% of people younger? And most of the people who die are seriously deficient in vitamin D as well as having major underlying health issues. So I'll take my supplements, eat right, get enough sleep, exercise, and take my chances. I can only die by God allowing it and, believe it or not, death comes for us all at the time GOD (not man) wills it. Francisco and Jacinta, the little seers of Fatima, were told by the Blessed Mother that she was coming for them soon. They died in the influenza epidemic. Was the timing of their deaths accidental? I don't think so. So I refuse to cower in fear.  

But if you do decide to get the jab, do yourself a favor and make sure you do it with your eyes wide open. Do the research and listen to both sides. If you get all your info from Dr. Fauci, maybe it's time to check out the Front Line Doctors and see what some of them say. If you want to do some research, check out some of the information in these articles. As far as I'm concerned there are just too many questions about these rushed into production vaccines. No thank you.

23 people dead in Norway after taking Pfizer COVID vaccine

2 Days After Receiving COVID-19 Shot, Healthy 41-Year-Old Mother Dies in Portugal

Investigation into Florida doctor who died two weeks after COVID-19 vaccine

You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The comment below came to me via email from a reader. If you are tempted to dismiss her story about the use of human skin in artifacts, research the trial of Lise Koch, wife of the Commandant of Buchenwald, Karl Koch who was hanged in 1944 for war crimes. She was tried twice for atrocities, once in international court and in Germany. She spent the rest of her life in prison and committed suicide in 1967. Here are several links to her story:


I read your post about the vaccine and those who say the connection with abortion is remote. A thought occurred to me. For those who have a hard time accepting that using babies to make vaccines is so sick and evil, I have a comparable example.
I believe that, during the reign of the Nazis, lampshades were made out of the skin of the murdered Jews. (Please correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't have the time this morning to research that.) If I am right on that, my question would be, if you liked the design of the lampshade, would you have it in your home? Or would you consider it sick and evil? I mean, you didn't make the shade or have anything to do with murdering the person whose skin would now adorn your lamp. The connection would be very remote.
Just a thought.

elpine flower said...

I know you do not like wearing masks MaryAnn , but you may want to start wearing one if you socialize with someone who got the jab.
The reason is virus shedding. Both after these covid vaccines or having the disease itself you shed the virus for up to three months.
Many researchers do not want to commit to this publicly ,instead they say they just do not know .My friend and her husband work at a VA hospital and just told me they were all informed it is true and that this is why people who get the shot are encouraged to continue to wear a mask.The inoculated are spreaders.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you for that information, EF. Isn't that true with other vaccines as well? I remember reading about the chicken pox vaccine increasing the risk of shingles in older people, but I haven't done any research on that.

elpine flower said...

The shedding of mRNA viruses after a shot is a great unknown. How virulent ,how long etc is all questionable to date as there have not been any long term studies. However, the hospital that warned their employees is taking precautions as people who have been inoculated have passed away with the disease.
They do know people inoculated with live viral vaccines definite;y do shed the virus.

elpine flower said...

Here is a link to better understand viral shedding ( at least in children) after an inoculation. A biological like the mRNA jab is still primarily a great unknown.

elpine flower said...

I personally feel this is information EVERYONE should know.
Recalling the late and infamous Vatican choice for the Pro Life agenda ,Bishop McHugh's comment when cornered concerning his promotion of the March of Dimes who were in the business of buying aborted fetuses, by friends of mine.......
"What, are you against progress?"

Here is a list of products that us aborted fetal cells and tissues.

Coffee Mate in your morning cup of Joe anyone?