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Friday, May 6, 2022

Intimidation Politics and Democrat Thuggery

If anyone needed to see the level of fascist thuggery exercised by the left, they had only to watch the response to the leaked draft of the Supreme Court's decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Both sides demonstrated at the Supreme Court, but the leftist thugs attacked their opponents physically, shouting obscenities and even following them as they left the site. Riots also erupted in L.A., Portland and other liberal cities. Now there are threats of Catholic church invasions this Sunday. Many liberal talking heads are trying to turn the leaker into a courageous hero rather than a leftist undermining the neutrality of the Supreme Court who obviously intended to spark outrage in order to intimidate justices into changing their position.

Remember Chuck Schumer threatening the judges. No accusation of insurrection against that liberal thug! "You won't know what hit you!" I believe he also said "We're coming for you." And these leftists mean what they say. Just look what they did burning our cities. This is their m.o. They shout down those who disagree with them and threaten physical violence. The left are barbarians who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals and force them on the body politic. To call it "intimidation politics" is mild. 

Whoever leaked the draft decision knew exactly what he/she was doing whether it was a law clerk or even one of the leftist judges. They wanted to intimidate the conservative judges who intend to sign on to Alito's opinion even, perhaps, to instigate death threats against them and their families. When they lost on abortion at the state level back in the 70s, they went to the federal courts. Now they hope to scare at least one or two of the justices into flipping so they can continue child killing. Talk about bullies and thugs!

The rhetoric of the left is almost chillingly funny to those of us who see them accusing conservatives of their own skullduggery. "They're fascists!" they scream as they shout down any voice dissenting from their views. "They're racists!" they scream as they murder black babies by the millions. "The police are pigs!" They scream as they threaten police officers and even kill and injure them. 

Watch this video from the L.A. riot and ask yourself who are the thugs? Then read the decision, an intelligent decision righting an "egregious wrong." The leftist thugs want chaos because ultimately it will enable more power and control over the population. Will any of these real insurrectionists face repercussions? Of course not! They burned our cities and murdered people with impunity and prospered like the BLM commies who spent donor funds buying themselves a $6 million dollar mansion

Take note that all of the rioting and thug action is taking place in liberal states. The states that actually have the most protective legislation for babies in the womb are seeing very little if any protest activity. So the L.A. rioters, in a state where abortion is unrestricted up to and even after birth, want to make sure that residents of other states that defend life, states like Florida, Texas, Alabama, etc., will be forced to accept and facilitate child killing. No rights for those tiny Americans even when they are old enough to live outside the womb. The babies are the modern slaves owned by their mothers (dads have no rights) and can be killed for any reason or no reason. And they are! Take a look at these photos of late term babies murdered in D.C. recently by hired killer Cesare Santangelo at Washington Surgi-Center. 

How can anyone justify and defend that? How can anyone say because he's a child of God he can kill another child of God? 

And who are the fascists who hate democracy and engage in acts of violence even against the youngest and most innocent among us? Need I ask? The separation of the sheep from the goats is obvious. God help the bloodthirsty worshipers of Satan with their satanic sacrament of abortion!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!


Anonymous said...

"The babies are the modern slaves owned by their mothers"

It is exactly because of this analogy that just reversing roe won't cut it. We need to have the equivalent of the thirteenth amendment to abolish abortion

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree. We need a personhood amendment which pro-lifers tried to get back in the 70's. None other than Fr. James McHugh (who later became Bishop in New Jersey) threw up roadblocks. He was good buddies with the head of SIECUS, Mary Calderone. What a Judas he was. I wonder what God said to him when he died and faced his personal judgment. Check out Randy Engel's article about McHugh who was a fan of heretic Charlie Curran and helped enable all kinds of evils in the Church, as pro-life head for the USCCB no less!

Thomas Garrett said...

A lot of people might resent reading this, but the Democrats and the Republicans need each other. BOTH parties HAD (note the past tense) something important to offer our nation. That appears to be gone, as now the only objective is utter and total domination, sadly, that seems more pervasive from the left.

What I am about to write is grossly oversimplified, but I am trying to make my point quickly.

The conservative principles are sound. However taken without some sort of intervention, human nature being what it is, conservative economics utterly unregulated can lead to unbridled greed. Conservative social policies can, unfortunately morph into something rather exclusionary.

Liberal principles also have their place. It is a good thing to wish to help people who are less privileged. It is important to remember that all of us have equal value in the eyes of God. But too often compassion turns into an excuse, and then a racket to avoid responsibility. There's always a danger of conditioning people to rely on the state rather than themselves, perpetuating their helplessness.

When these two parties listened to each other and worked together, it was like having a two-parent, somewhat functional family. But divorce has set in.

If we live with Dad (the conservatives) every concern about the environment is utterly disregarded, social programs are just waste and we need not bother because, of course, "everyone knows" that you have to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps and, of course, there are always some people who just cannot do that. He keeps us safe though, although he tends to look at everyone outside our neighborhood as potential enemies.

If we live with Mom (the liberals) we have to put up with her abusive live-in boyfriends (sexual perversion as a "civil right", abortion on demand), mom's compulsive shopping habits (spending and spending and spending with the erroneous belief that social programs can fix any problem). And she has let the neighborhood go to hell, ignoring the homeowners association, by letting hoodlums and drug dealers move in next door to us and defending them.

And no matter which parent we choose to live with, we have to listen to them curse, abuse and badmouth the other relentlessly until we can't stand it any more.

Now the problem has gotten even worse: Mom's favorite boyfriends are dangerous criminals. One of them, Moloch, wants to kill children any time for any reason and get us to pay for it. The other, Sodom, wants utter sexual license and acceptance--no SLOBBERING APPROVAL--for every perversity the human mind can manufacture. The third one, Nero, wants to blame everything on Dad, and not just defeat him, but make it illegal for him to ever talk to the kids and jail him for "subversion" and riot and destroy, blaming it all on Dad. And all three of them sanctimoniously scream and vilify dad for his intolerance.

I used to live with Mom. But a few years ago, I reached the point that I had to move in with Dad, because I couldn't take the evil that penetrated every inch of Mom's house.

I really wish mom would kick out her abusive boyfriends. but they seem to have corrupted her mind and totally taken over.

For now, I'm staying with Dad.

We really could use a two-parent functioning family. But I have a terrible feeling that it's never gonna happen. My biggest fear is that they are going to burn each other's houses down and we'll be left with no place to live.

As awful as it sounds, Dad's going to have to beat the daylights out of mom's abusive boyfriends and get rid of them once and for all. But we have to be careful. We can't hate the boyfriends. We have to hate what they stand for and stop putting up with it.

Why? They didn't like what dad did and instead of dealing with their disagreements, they personalized their anger and started hating dad and now they've become more hateful than ever.

Can anyone smell the kerosene yet? It's about to get uglier than ever.

Evangeline said...

I don't know what to say. If anyone can look at those images and not reel. These pictures are terrible, but may be the only way to get people to confront the evil that they are supporting, even by being "neutral". How can anyone stay neutral when this level of evil is happpening.
God help these babies and God help us to help these babies.

Today is the first of the First Five Saturdays.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Thomas Garrett, your comment is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Garrett, I appreciate your analogy, but unfortunately you have only a vague idea of conservatism and appear to have only run in that direction out of fear and disgust of liberalism instead of developing a true understanding and zeal for principals and values of the right.

You are a fence sitter. Or worse, a liberal who thinks they can change sides and bring with you the lies and falsehoods the left has peddled for decades. There are no redeemable qualities of liberalism because that entire philosophy is based on lies. To actually walk away from it requires one to put it down altogether and leave behind the quest for man-made utopia. Conservatism is the correct course because it respects God, respects the past, respects life and expects every man and woman to accept personal responsibility for all the things they do or fail to do. There will never EVER EVER be a blend of conservativism and liberalism. The two are like oil and water.

Thomas Garrett said...

"Thomas Garrett, I appreciate your analogy, but unfortunately you have only a vague idea..."

This is one of the reasons that I am so loathe to post anything on blog forums like this. There is always some sanctimonious expert who takes it upon himself to attempt to read my mind.

Dear Anonymous, with all due respect, you don't know a darned thing about what I know or what I think and I would caution you against these public forays into the dangerous realm of amateur mind-reading. You seem to overlook the beginning of my parable when I emphasized that I was using the PAST TENSE about what these two groups had to offer each other.

Lies? Good heavens, members and leaders of both political parties have told so many lies it would take volumes to document them. As for my "fence sitting", I come from a long line of Roosevelt Democrats whom I alienated YEARS AGO by embracing conservatism and I've paid dearly in my family and social relationships for doing so.

The only perfect system is the Gospel. If we place our hopes in "conservatism" or "liberalism" or "moderatism" or any other "ism" outside of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, then we are lost. ALL human institutions are imperfect. I happen to believe that conservatism is far closer to the gospel message than liberalism, but having said that, there are certain principles that conservatives are sometimes a bit strident on as well as liberals. Further, this stridency of dismissing every utterance from Democrats as useless or dishonest plays great among the angry partisans, but alienating large swaths of the electorate is just bad business.

Fence sitter? What a laughable notion. I'd no sooner register or vote Democrat than I would get a tattoo (and I hate tattoos). My entire point had two important ideas that I was trying to communicate:

1). Liberals have sold out to extreme elements that are barbaric and dangerous
2). Both sides are destroying the country by attempting to destroy each other.

Politics worked a lot better when there were adults in the room and they attacked IDEAS and not each other. When you personalize the hatred of bad ideas and start heaping it upon your opponents, you become what you hate. I don't care how evil the Democratic Party's ideas are--and too many of them are very evil--it's the IDEAS we have to attack, not the Democrats. If we don't follow that path, then we are no better than they are.

Thomas Garrett said...

I'll get even more specific.

During the 60's and 70's the Democrats hated these things:

They hated racism.

They hated greed.

They hated intolerance.

They hated elitism.

The result? They are far and away the party of the rich (with Zuckerberg, Soros and countless other billionaires pumping money into their campaigns). The Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer and countless other Democrats began their careers moderately wealthy and are not among the wealthiest people in the nation.

The Democrats turned their hatred of racism into assuming that all white people are racist. Somehow hating all things white and running down European civilization and culture is supposed to be an act of justice.

The Democrats hated elitism. Is there ANY more elitist group than the limousine liberals who hide behind their barred gates while calling for the defunding of the police?

Democrats hated intolerance. And like every other group that casts virtue aside in the rabid pursuit of a goal, once they attain power, they are more intolerant and rigid than anyone else. The intolerance has now turned to rabid, hateful violence.

We MUST hate these twisted ideas that all police are bad, all white people are evil racists, we owe reparations to every group that claims victimhood, that killing the unborn helps women, that we are not allowed to protect our borders, etc..


Love the sinner. Hate the sin. And hate it with a passion.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Garrett, I reread your original comment and I stand by my first response. In your comment above you say:
1. Liberals have sold out to extreme elements
2. Both sides are destroying the country attempting to destroy each other.

I don't agree with either statement.
Liberals have not sold out, they have simply exposed themselves as the weak unprincipled people they have always been, willing to go along with whatever or whomever to remain in power and protect big government policies and values.

And, conservatives know unless we fight back on the liberal arguments we won't have a country left in another generation. It is one of the reasons this blog exists. Truth needs to be expressed even if it makes some people uncomfortable.

As long as you continue to defend Democrats, you ARE a fence sitter. You still think there is merit in socialism and you mistakenly believe conservatives are mean and greedy. That isn't my opinion of you. You said so yourself.

Thomas Garrett said...


I can see how you might misconstrue a couple of points I made and stretch them into the words you attempt to put into my mouth. I stand by my assertion that our hope is not in any political system. This blog isn't about my ego or reputation, so fine, I can handle being misunderstood. I can even handle being accused and slandered if it goes that far. I agree with you more than you seem to realize, so I will leave it at that.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Hmmmm....It seems - to me at least - that Thomas Garrett is mainly referring to the PARTIES (Democrat and Republican) while Anonymous more refers to INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE being liberal or conservative.

I still think Thomas Garrett's original comment is brilliant.

Of course I have no trust in the Democrat Party who at the moment wants us to enter WWIII (Collective West against Russia, China and India), and at this point the only Republican I do trust to have the best interest of the people in mind is Governor Ron DeSantis.

Anonymous said...

Read the party platforms to see the difference and decide which is better.
Note, Maryann, that the excellent article you linked to above shows how the 1970s Catholic reaction to abortion was botched because it was erroneously tagged as a states rights issue, and also that there were numerous "exceptions" allowed for abortion.

Note that these misdirections were also features of our "most prolife president ever". In fact, trump had tried to impose rape exceptions on the GOP platform and thankfully they did not let him. Trump also was happy to let roe reversal slash leaving it to the states as the endpoint. Your article shows what a quagmire this thinking leads to.

Anonymous said...

The party platforms define the party and describe the philosophy behind them, but the individuals that wear the label, Democrat or Republican, can vary greatly. Politics is not a one size fits all proposition and sadly two sizes don't fit all of us either, but the most basic premise of each platform will and does describe us all. Either you order your life around the laws of God, creator of the universe, or you order your life according to man. The law, according to Frédéric Bastiat must exist for this reason alone, to defend our person, our freedom and our property. Government that goes farther than that only serves to enslave us. All true conservatives embrace this concept and understand that government is not a substitute for God nor is it a replacement for personal responsibility of our actions. We cannot say well the government says it's OK so it must be OK. And THAT is the Great divide between Liberals and Conservatives. One is not "nice" where the other is "mean". We simply serve two different gods. There is a distinct choice. You cannot serve both. Jesus said, "Whoever committed sin is the slave of sin." (John 8:34) So whereas Liberals want their so called freedom do do whatever they desire, it is not freedom they obtain at all , but enslavement to evil.