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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Why Should We Care about Homosexuals and Homosexualists in the Ordained Ministry?


Nathan the Prophet denounces David for his adultery and murder.

Read this from the Imitation of Mary by Alexander De Rouville about purity and the esteem we should have for it:

Virginity was what made the beloved disciple (Jn 19:26) worthy of Jesus' special love....The prince of the Apostles was granted great privileges, yet it was only the virgin disciple that Jesus allowed to rest his head on His breast at the last supper. Jesus gave Peter the care of the Church; but to John He gave the care of his own Mother. 

Through chastity we live on earth the life the blessed live in heaven.

The practice of this virtue wins us us merits even the angels cannot have.

It is the most chaste souls that share most fully in the union which the Incarnate Word enters into with men.

All you who think the vice contrary to chastity is readily to be forgiven because our nature is weak, remember that it is one of the vices God has most reluctantly pardoned and most severely punished.

This vice drives away the divine spirit, which Scripture tells us, does not "dwell in the carnal man." It is a vice which blinds a man. It took a prophet to make David the adulterer understand the enormity of his offense and think of doing penance.

It is a vice which hardens a man. Solomon was a marvelously wise man for many years, yet at the end of his life he became and idolater because he had become unchaste. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6: 19) In a Christian, therefore, impurity is the abomination that desolates the holy place. (Mt 24:15) 

Pray for the virtue of purity. Those who embrace and foster this virtue are most like the Blessed Mother whose purity made her the spotless vessel to carry our Savior. Mother most pure, pray for us.


rohrbachs said...

Homosex priests are a thumb in the eye of married couples trying to live chastely.

Aqua said...

Homosex Priests are also a thumb in the eye of repentant sodomites who became Catholics, trying to live chastely.

Homosex Priests are especially grievous to Our Lord - who they become, Personae Christi, in the royal line of Priests.

It is satanic to take the essence of our human purpose - to procreate, raise and educate souls for the Kingdom of God - and turn it inward toward self ... especially in the grievously evil, vile manner of the sodo-pervs. When that grievous perversity, that cries out to heaven for vengeance, dares to act in Personae Christi on the Altar of Calvary itself , there really is no greater sin than that. It is the worst of the worst. And our tolerance of it is why we are being judged. Our judgement has just begun. Thank God for that cleansing fire! I humbly bow and accept my portion of the punishment and thank God for it.

Anita Moore said...

What seems to concern many bishops these days is not the fact that acts of impurity are immoral, but whether they are illegal.