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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Thoughts on a Drizzly Wednesday Morning

  • I transplanted some day lilies yesterday so I welcome today's soft rain that will help their roots set -- makes me think of grace that helps the "roots" of our spiritual resolutions set.
  • The clerk who leaked the Roe v. Wade draft decision resides in a very small pool and should be relatively easy to identify. Do you think a SWAT team will be sent to his/her residence to drag him/her off to the hoosegow like they've done with so many who attended the January 6th rally, even those who never even entered the Capitol? 
  • Now that I think about it, I wonder if the leaker was one of the liberal judges. Liberals are moral relativists who believe the end justifies the means, so maybe I'm maligning the clerks when it was really a liberal judge who did the leaking. Since they serve for life, there isn't much fear of retaliation (not to mention that liberals commit crimes with impunity as the Clintons and Bidens so clearly illustrate). And look at how the mainstream media is making the unethical leaker a hero. Nauseating eh?
  • Think the government will do anything about the insurrection at the Supreme Court by the liberal left? Inquiring minds like Ron DeSantis want to know! Here's what he said: 
    I think it was an intentional thing to try to whip up the public, make it very political, and try to bully one of them into changing one of their positions.... That’s not something that’s appropriate for the judicial branch...That’s a real significant breach of trust...You wanna talk about an insurrection, that’s a judicial insurrection, to be taking that out and trying to kneecap a potential majority through kind of extra-constitutional means.
  • My baby chicks are now five weeks old and big enough for a few table scraps -- strawberry ends, leafy salad bits, carrot peels. They squabble over the treats and engage in a little "pecking order" behavior. They make me laugh and think about how many people act like silly chickens fighting over scraps in order to be chief chicken on the roost. They fight over money and power -- the table scraps of the secular world. Silly chickens! When I look at my little brood, I'm reminded of the Democrats, especially the rogue Catholics who are willing to trade heaven for the brief rewards offered by the prince of this world.  Hmmm...that's insulting to my delightful little chicks! They are all more cognitively alert than Joe Biden.
  • Just paid the balance on my reservation for my annual five-day silent Ignatian retreat. Thinking about it lowers my blood pressure and brings a smile to my face. What a respite from a mad world. It's my five day deep entry into sanity. If you find yourself saying, "Stop the world; I want to get off," do yourself a favor. Go on a silent retreat. 
  • It's May, the month of Our Lady. Don't forget to pray the rosary! The world's a mess! It needs lots of prayers.

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