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Monday, May 23, 2022

The Homo-Sodo SexPox Found in Sodomites

Acne...or a "man who self-identifies as
having sex with other men"?

Once again "experts" say they cannot for the life of themselves figure this thing out. They say that the monkeypox "has mainly been hitting young men who have sex with other men but that doesn't mean it's being sexually transmitted." That's true because the disease could be transmitted via various other erotic ways.

The lesions associated with monkeypox predominately appear on male genitals belonging to men who "self-identify as having sex with other men". These poxed men who "self-identify as having sex with other men" live predominately in the Collective West - Europe, North America and Australia. 

"It's spreading fast!" In the UK there're currently 20 cases so people need to be hysterical, demand new vaccines and boosters, strap on masks once more and order the CDC/WHO to tell governments to lock us up again. We're supposed to do that because the MSM is telling people that the monkeypox is "INCURABLE!" because it's a proven fact that "there is no cure!" That's entirely true. There is no cure.

And it's really really bad what with "pus and scabs" and all. In normal monkeypox cases, meaning cases from non-homosexual related causes from years back, the lesions were mainly on "the face, palms of the hands, and bottoms of the feet", whereas in the current European outbreak, the skin problems are suspiciously reported to be "localized to the genitals, groin, and the skin around the anal opening" but this is not indicative of anything at all. So don't worry. No one will think you're a sodomite if you get monkeypox because it "can happen to anyone".  

I'm assuming however that it can't happen to women... that women don't get monkeypox...the reason being that no one knows what a woman is anymore (....those...those things. What are they anyway?) Since a woman is a non-entity, that makes the entire human race what it always was - MANkind. Man is made up of only men - just one sex - many of whom "self-identify as having sex with other men" because who's there to have sex with since there's no such thing as "woman". That's why we can and must defy the WHO and say that monkeypox is unquestionably a man-on-man disease. 

The CDC doesn't want the "men who self-identify as having sex with other men" to be stigmatized like they were with the HIV/AIDS accusations decades ago, yet they've warned to be careful if you're a man who "regularly has close or intimate contact with other men, including through online websites and digital apps or at a bar or party." Since men can apparently get monkeypox from websites and digital apps, make sure that doesn't happen to you by using lots of hand sanitizer and strapping on that mask when using your phone, tablet or computer. 

But let's get to the crux of the lies and propaganda. What the MSM doesn't tell us is that normally people don't die from monkeypox. The fatality rate is 3-6% therefore death by monkeypox is rare. And why the sudden hysteria? There were confirmed cases of monkeypox in the United States in 2003 and no one rode through the streets at midnight crying, "Monkeypox is coming!"  

"The illness is usually mild and most people all but the most degenerate sodomites recover in 2 to 4 weeks." Like many other diseases of the human body - you get it, you have it for a few weeks, you recover from it. If you're not a "man who self-identifies as having sex with other men" sodomite having anal sex there's no reason to become hysterical. 

The only people panicking are the elites, many of whom are "men who self-identify as having sex with other men" sounding the terror gong. The coof scam is dwindling away so before momentum is gone monkey pox must arise as the next boogey man disease, the next big money-making scam, the next source of controlling the planet because we must continually live in the beautiful prison of fear in order to be controlled.

We must remember while we're starving to death this winter (compliments of the Collective West's infinite stupidity of sanctions against Russia) waiting in line for our bread which we won't be allowed to buy unless we get our monkeypox vaccine, that the CDC will solemnly swear that sodomites are not the spreaders of this disease...which in turn will remind us of that tired old mantra, "If not the sodomites, then who?"


Cheryl Schalk said...

Thanks for the Truth. It’s so had to find these days.

Dymphna said...

It's just a matter of time before some poor kid with cystic acne gets accused of having Monkey pox.