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Friday, May 27, 2022

Guest Post: Sexual Sin Always Ends in Violence!

Start with contraception, end up with mass murder: A culture drenched with the blood of innocent children begets more blood of innocent children

By Mark Docherty

Start with contraception, end up with mass murder. The end.

Let me explain. This won’t take long.
Let us begin with the total rejection of objective morality and the rise of cultural Marxism in the last half of the Twentieth Century. We could go back much farther, but this will suffice. Destruction of the family is essential to the goals of Marxism, and promotion of sex outside of marriage is how you destroy the family. Conveniently, if we are going to accept sex outside of marriage, we certainly must accept contraception (and sodomy). For that matter, we must promote all manner of unnatural relations WITHIN marriage. Removing the idea of procreation from the act and the organs of, you know, the REPRODUCTIVE system, the natural order will necessarily be torn asunder. It’s called following the logical progression which flows from a false base premise. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, and going back centuries, every Christian sect understood this, and understood the consequences of disobeying/denying this reality.

Once the contraceptive mentality was established, with sex reduced to the mere pursuit of pleasure, obviously something needed to be done about the consequences of failed contraception. Since they had already inverted reality by embracing the misuse of the reproductive system, doing great harm to the human dignity of the partners, especially women, they then must deepen the inversion by claiming the product of reproduction has no human dignity at all. Killing becomes a moral good; a necessary and accepted societal need. A basic human right.

Within a few short years of killing being touted as a moral good and a basic human right, killing became chic. The descent was aided by the mind numbing effect of street drugs. The killing was glamorized in films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and we were reminded of the sad times before the killing was legal, in films like Dirty Dancing. The devaluing of human life became a relentless assault on truth. It became a sacrament.

With the obliteration of basic morality, God must also be killed. The “Imagine” gospel of John Lennon took His place:

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only sky”

If there is no Hell below us, then there are no eternal consequences for wrong behavior. The worst that can happen to you is you die, and you cease to exist. This is the concept of Soul Annihilation, of which Antipope Bergoglio is a huge fan. You either go to Heaven, or else *poof* your soul is destroyed and you never face your due punishment, because what kind of monster would God be to send souls to Hell.

The proliferation of street drugs has continued unabated, now legal in many places, and compounded in recent decades by “advances” in pharmacology: Oxy, benzos, SSRIs…

When an 18 year old has been raised in a culture where killing is good, drugs are good, there are no repercussions for killing, there is no human dignity, and there is no eternal soul, why wouldn’t he kill if he has killing on his mind?

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Loura Turner said...

Thank you for this post, Brother. It is succinct and perfectly logical. We long for the day when God acts and breaks through to at least some of the people who think as Harris does. Human reasoning has not convinced them of the truths about which you write but if God allows us to experience a personal judgement before death, we'll all repent and rejoice that we live in a world that does have a heaven...and a hell. Wouldn't it be amazing if God broke through in that extraordinary way this coming Pentecost?! Come, O Holy Ghost!