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Friday, May 13, 2022

Mostly Good News from the Headlines! Guess What; There are Some Good Governors Out There! Praise God!

The bad news: Cardinal Zen was arrested in Hong Kong. He's out on bail but they've taken his passport so he's not free to leave the country. I think we can thank the Vatican for this. Will they do anything now? Or just double down on letting China name Catholic bishops and run roughshod over the underground church. (Source) The Vatican is following the situation "with concern" and "with extreme attention." That should make us all relieved, right?

LOTS OF GOOD NEWS FROM SOME GREAT STATES (Not Maryland, but, hey, even a bad state makes an occasional good decision.)

Alabama doctors stop giving transgender drugs to kids as new ban takes effect 
Here's what the smart governor said on her Twitter account. "If the Good Lord made you a boy, you’re a boy. If He made you a girl, you’re a girl. It’s Alabama common sense." Want to say thank you to Governor Kay Ivey? 
Tennessee gov. signs bills to restrict abortion drugs, ban males from women’s college sports 
Feminists should be thrilled with this, but somehow I think most will be on the warpath. It boggles the mind that they jump on the bandwagon for the demise of women's sports, but some do. That's what happens when political correctness trumps sanity and common sense. The bill also "outlaws distributing abortion pills, such as mifepristone, by mail and allows only certain qualified doctors to administer the drugs." Want to say thank you to Governor Bill Lee?

Texas law banning social media censorship can take effect, Fifth Circuit rules
HB20 treats social media platforms like “common carriers” of communication and transportation services in the United States, forbids viewpoint-based discrimination by those platforms, and empowers their users to seek injunctive relief for discriminatory actions such as bans or content removal.

NetChoice, an industry group representing numerous Big Tech giants, sued to block the law, and U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman agreed to place a temporary injunction on the law’s enforcement. The state of Texas appealed, and now the Fifth Circuit Panel has lifted the injunction, Fox News reports. The panel did not elaborate on its reasoning. 

Want to say thank you to Governor Greg Abbott? 

Virginia Governor Youngkin defends our resident Supreme Court Justices asking Fairfax County to extend a "security perimeter" around the homes of Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Amy Coney Barrett. He has offered the assistance of state police. Youngkin and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed a joint letter to attorney general Merrick Garland to increase protection for the justices.

"The Justice Department released a statement Wednesday about Supreme Court safety.

“Attorney General Garland continues to be briefed on security matters related to the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Justices. The Attorney General directed the U.S. Marshals Service to help ensure the Justices’ safety by providing additional support to the Marshal of the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Police," Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley said." Want to say thank you to Governor Youngkin? Governor Hogan?


Aqua said...

I consider this to be excellent news, to add to your mix.

This is the statement of the Russian military findings in its discovery of Ukraine/US illegal bio-weapons research and development labs during their military operations in eastern Ukraine ... these labs all located along the Russian border.

None of this will be discussed in US propaganda outlets - the vast majority of US citizens will remain unaware of the crimes committed in Ukraine by the U.S. - Ukraine bio-weapons development partnership. But the information is obtained and there is no more hiding from it. This threat is part of the pretext for war by Russia to liberate eastern Ukraine (not total conquest of Europe, as the warmongers like to pretend). And it (bio-weapons development crimes) is a proven fact now, with relevant facts being released for the legal and historical record. The noose is tightening. It explains the government's hysterical drumbeat for war in support of Ukraine. Crimes we're committed by our government there and they are now ended and exposed. In a world that was locked down, masked and jabbed for the sake of a globalist viral boogeyman ... we should be thankful the plot is being exposed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Since this is coming from Russia, of course it is being debunked by the U.S. and the U.N. What I found incredibly frightening was the claim that the Ukraine is looking into having drone companies install aerosol equipment on their machines. If all of this is true, we are likely to see a chemical attack that may be a false flag against Russia to further entry into World War III. There needs to be independent analysis of all these documents to see if they can be authenticated and so become the smoking gun showing the U.S./Ukraine conspiracy which, at this point, is a conspiracy against the American people. We've reached the point where we can't believe anything coming from the U.S. government, the U.N., WHO, CDC, NIH, etc. But neither can we uncritically accept everything coming out of Russia. Disbelief and distrust are epidemic at this point. We need the light of the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, help us!

Aqua said...

Mary Ann,
One more comment, and I'm not trying to be argumentative ...

There is very little that makes sense to me in explanation for why there is such total unanimity within our government for support for Ukraine as a quasi-State of our Union. It is receiving in one year, from us, in one authorization, the equivalent of the 10th largest Defense budget on the planet, just above South Korea - 54 Billion $ so far this year. Democrat leadership, now Republican leadership have all travelled to Ukraine to meet the pervert corruption lord Zelensky and met him as if he were the Pope himself. They give him standing ovations in OUR Congress. Only 50 some Congressman total stand against the current chosen path of total support for Ukraine against our preeminent nuclear foe. Sen Lindsey Graham says "there is no off-ramp in this war - we will take it all the way to the end and we will win" (or be willing, presumably, to destroy the world if we fail) ... "no off-ramp" is what it is.

This makes zero sense to me. Ukraine? Who cares?! We've been conducting military adventures and conquests FAR worse and deeper than Russia for decades. Not a peep domestically, not much from Russia against us, not much from anyone - we just do what we do, bomb who we bomb, occupy who we occupy, install who we install in government ... as the world turns. Russia clearly stated their limited war aims, which make total sense if you stop and listen to them directly, rather than through the US Media filters.

Crimes have been committed by our political leaders in Ukraine. I am convinced of it. The evidence points that way - just now being revealed after Russian conquest, collation and study. Their response to Russia's invasion of a region, historically theirs anyway, points that way. Their evident fear and irrational love for the pervert Zelensky points that way. Nothing else satisfactorily explains Lindsey Graham's "no off-ramp" comment. There is always an "off-ramp" unless survival is at stake. Well, our survival is only being threatened by our politicians' response, not Russia. I think it is their personal survival that is at issue here. Everything points to it - and it is very, very dangerous unless something, somehow stops the madness.