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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

It's Tuesday: Do You Know Where Your Chickens Are?

The old expression about chickens coming home to roost has particular meaning for me these days since we got nine little chicks about eight weeks ago. Watching them grow has been interesting.  They aren't very good about coming into the coop "to roost." I have to catch them because they still haven't grown accustomed to using the ramp.

But all that aside, chickens do "come home to roost," and plenty of politicians, talking heads and commentators are beginning to see their own "chickens" coming home to roost. At any rate, I hope so!

Let me start with Catholic writer George Weigel, a neo-con warmonger whose ideas are downright dangerous. He's been an interventionist in global affairs his entire career, but today he's beginning to look like a savage in warpaint and headdress dancing and whooping for war. If his chickens come home to roost they are likely to find the roost demolished from a nuclear blast! Eric Sammons calls out Weigel's "dangerous script" at Crisis magazine. Here's a bit from the article:

When it comes to making his case for American intervention, Weigel has a pretty reliable (though aging) script. The Weigel Script includes: (1) a comparison to Nazi Germany; (2) turning foreign leaders into cartoon villians; (3) accepting at face value any and all U.S. intelligence that puts the proposed adversary in the worst light; (4) making non-falsifiable assertions about a dire future if the U.S. doesn’t intervene; and (5) ignoring any potential negative consequences of U.S. intervention.

Sammons points out Weigel's selective outrage. The man has no problem ignoring terrible injustices in other parts of the world which America has ignored:

And if we are always to intervene on behalf of innocents, what about Yemen? A horrific war has been going on in that Middle Eastern country since 2015, but very few Americans seem to care (and, to my knowledge, George Weigel has never once written about this crisis). Perhaps it’s because the main instigator of the conflict—Saudi Arabia—is a close American ally. Whatever the reason, it’s hard not to question someone’s concern for the innocents in Ukraine if he doesn’t seem to care about helping suffering Yemenis.

Sammons isn't justifying Putin and he makes that clear. But how exactly does getting involved in the Russia/Ukraine conflict benefit America? It doesn't. It benefits the global cabal and pushes Russia into the arms of China. What are our chances against a war with those two great superpowers? Read the article. Sammons is on target. Weigel is an aging demagogue who doesn't mind being dishonest or slandering others like he did to Archbishop Vigano.  

And then there's the trial against Hilary Clinton attorney, Michael Sussmann, who clucked interminably about Russia, Russia, Russia during the 2016 election in an effort to peck Trump into oblivion. He's the first to face the Durham investigation in court and hopefully will be brought to justice for his criminal lies and slander against Trump. Durham has one success under his belt. According to the New York Post:

Last year, the first defendant charged by Durham — former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith — was sentenced to one year of probation after pleading guilty to doctoring an email to get a wiretap renewed against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

No year long pre-trial incarceration in the slammer for this enemy of the republic! 

Sussmann allegedly misled a top-fed by claiming he wasn’t “acting on behalf of any client” when he handed over three “white papers” and two thumb drives that purportedly pointed to a secret backchannel between a Trump Organization computer server and Russia’s Alfa Bank, now under US sanctions tied to the invasion of Ukraine.  

He was, of course, working for crooked Hillary at the time, just one more lying LEFTIST who believes the end justifies the means. 

The cybersecurity expert also shared the explosive claims with reporters, resulting in a Slate magazine article — published just eight days before the election — that was eagerly seized on by Clinton, who tweeted, “It’s time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia.”

It's time for Hilary to answer some "serious questions" about a panoply of criminal activities. She and Bill have never answered for any of their criminal behavior from Bill's rape and groping to Hilary's accumulation of wealth from illegal insider trading. How, in fact, did Bill and Hillary go from being "middle class" (in Hillary's words) to being among the wealthiest people in the world? 

Will the jury be impartial? At least three members of the panel are questionable. Several donated to Clinton's war chest and one woman's husband actually worked for the Clinton campaign in 2008. We should all watch this carefully and hope the chickens are coming home to roost against one of the most corrupt political families in history. 

When you watch these corrupt people blather in interviews, think of clucking chickens and crowing roosters -- all noise and no substance. It's all about distraction from the truth. If they make enough noise, maybe people will forget to ask the right questions. Clucking hens and crowing roosters indeed!

On second thought, I love my chickens. Sorry for the insult, girls!


Aqua said...

I have learned to trust my government less and verify what they profess more.

For instance: just because Secretary of State and former war hero Colin Powell us holding up a vial containing a white substance that he claims is evidence from Iraq of bio-weapon wWMDs … doesn’t mean the vial actually contains what he says or that they have any other proof either. He may, hard as it is to believe, actually he lying about the whole thing. Perhaps that vial he brought into the midst of the august assembly of important UN leaders is not an actual bio-weapon. Perhaps it just contains chalk.

The problem with an all volunteer Army is that people - like George Weigel, like his children or grandchildren - people like them don’t have any skin in the game of war and its necessary toll if death, dismemberment, broken lives, broken families, psychological suffering, ultimate sacrifices.

*Others* will do this *for* them (“hey, they knew the risks”). Weigel sits in his walnut paneled office and thinks great thoughts while he makes the case that our youth should go suffer and die … for what, George?

Have you ever stopped to think … 🤔 … what’s the case to go to war for Ukraine? Sad pictures, sad stories, ain’t enough. Why should I, you, my kids, your kids, grandchildren - why should we send them off to die (etc)? I haven’t heard anything close to a reasonable case. I can easily make the case why I hope Russia crushes Ukraine Nazis, but that doesn’t mean I think we should also assist Russia in its war effort … just get out of their way.

George? You going to join up? You sending your kids to the front lines? Do you really think we can get away with a proxy war (sending money and munitions to the Nazi fighters) and not get sucked in to combat on really bad military ground? If you think that, then you are a fool.

It *should* work something like this before we cross the war Rubicon
Define our interests in the region.
Define who best supports our interests.
Define how to advance our interests.
Use all possible non-military means necessary (diplomatic, economic etc) to advance our interests.
Reserve military force for existential threats to our sovereign interests.
Ensure our cause is just.
Make the case to the People to ensure we understand and support the cause.
Get Congressional authority, according to the Constitution.
Only then ….. when military force is chosen and applied, apply maximum power to destroy enemy stuff and kill the enemy soldiers quickly, efficiently and heavily until surrender is rendered.
Then get out.

The nation building, democracy building thing just has to stop.

Aqua said...

Btw, those are some beautiful birds.

I enjoy ours very much. They leave their coop in the morning and just walk around all day grazing for bugs and scratch. It's very peaceful to be around them, doing what they do.

And they're tame, now. I can walk in to the coop and they just follow me around; when I stop to do something they basically just gather around and watch me.

We've got around 20 chickens and ducks, some of which we've hatched.

Gotta keep the predators out, though. Watch out for the birds of prey, especially owls, if you have them. Netting above the run does the trick. We had a hawk get trapped into a tight space trying to carry off one of ours once. It was kind of a special moment, actually, he and I were just staring each other down for a few minutes before I gave him a lift and he flew off.

We get about 12 + eggs a day to feed our family of 8. Wonderful hobby for the kids.

Love your chicken stories. Those chickens, when they come home to roost, are all right.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We don't have a run yet. We'll be putting one in before the fall. Right now we keep pretty close tabs on them during the day and lock them in with padlocks at night to foil the raccoons. So they are pretty secure. But we want to put in a run, maybe with hardware cloth and a secure net or hardware cloth top.

Anonymous said...

A night light (I use a battery powered lantern) placed inside the coop, turned on, 1 hour before sunset does the trick for getting them inside without you playing wrangler.
I offer this but of advice as one who was wrangling chickens every night, now my ladies (only took 1 night) go up into the coop all by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Aqua: a better solution is to dissolve the standing military forces, and decentralize defense to state militia. That IS afterall, what European military tradition of feudalism. It prevents protracted wars (as the soldiers have jobs to do back home), and would make governors think twice about supporting such endeavors.

Aqua said...

Anonymous 6:54

"My ladies". I like it.

We know all ours by name. It's the funniest thing, our attachment to these little cluckers.

I'll keep the light idea in the hip pocket. We have enough predators around and about here, ours are kind of anxious to get in, as the light fades. But every now and then our kids are running the run in circles (which is also entertaining to watch) trying to catch a straggler.

Aqua said...

Anonymous 12:16

Our entire bureaucratic edifice needs to be dismantled and dispersed out among the 50 States they supposedly serve. D.C. should be a ghost town that consists of elected officials and a skeleton crew of Departmental oversight. Departments such as Education, "Homeland" (such a fascist sounding word) Security, Housing, Health, Agriculture should be disbanded. The Federal Reserve should be disbanded. What remains should be sent packing out among the people they serve and away from the collected Lobbyists attracted to power like flies to you-know-what.

I completely agree about Defense. There is nothing in the Constitution that mandates a standing army. It is not prohibited, nor is it required. Remanding the defense powers to Gocernors would be tremendously therapeutic.

That being said ... not going to happen under the current conditions. They are aiming for collapse upon which they can build a great green reset suitable for cavemen and a mad max dystopia. Or ... perhaps after the crash the reset will go in an entirely different direction altogether - one that restores the American republic to its original intent of dispersed local powers of a Federalist system.

THAT would be worth suffering hard times to achieve.

Aqua said...

Anonymous 12:16

I forgot to add this link to my previous post. I thought it had useful information, in regards to the question of standing armies etc ...

Evangeline said...

I envy you all your chickens!
I'm old enough to remember when any conflict was brought to the American people by an actual president, who didn't act as if he was Caesar making decisions in isolation. The case would be made via a serious television hour and the opinion of the people mattered. The people had to be convinced. By the time a president addressed the nation most people were aware. It had to be in America's direct interest, which Ukraine is not, and clearly most Americans don't support a conflict with Russia at all. Congress used to be involved in such things and not just rubber stamping billions of our tax dollars into boondoggles for the politicians who are heavily involved in Ukraine. Congress now seems totally irrelevant, just not as much as the actual American people. Somehow the American people no longer matter and the people in Washington are making decisions and doing things independently of the people altogether. We are not even consulted. To keep us distracted they trot out hearings on UFO's, for God's sake. Don't look over there, look here!
Add Nigeria to your list of places the world doesn't care about. How many Christians have been murdered there in the last ten years. The world doesn't see it. Wrong narrative.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

From a follower via email:

Received via email from a follower:

MA - today's post Weigle - last week's post - Susan on Russia - Ukraine fiasco.

Susan was featured by AB [Ann Barnhardt] also on her site.

All around exceptional bottom-line reporting.

Weigle - read his noise and blander sometimes - always wondered why he seems to retain Catholic status.

Your post - a bulls eye :

Always a unseen and questionable agenda behind his efforts - mostly resolving in decline to some form of decadence.

High from his ivory tower of Babel ......

A twisted ego maniac always trying to score church political points with the N-Ordo or anybody that believes him it seems of which means those that provide him his pay that is his blood money pay- check.