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Friday, May 27, 2022

The Normalization of Gay Marriage and Gay Ideology!

National Review has unconditionally surrendered to same-sex ‘marriage’ 

Let us pray to have
a heart for poor sinners!
I found this article truly alarming because it emphasizes how the normalization of "gay" ideology is increasingly infecting conservatism. I'm familiar with a number of the conservative "gays" mentioned in the article. Last year I listened to Andy Gno's book on Antifa. These are men and women who share many of my concerns and beliefs. And yet..... 

When acceptance of same sex marriage is mainstream and "normal" we are truly on a rapid descent into the abyss. Remember that this sin is one that "cries to heaven for vengeance." Not only that, but many of these individuals with disordered passions are rearing children. What will that do to the future of our world?

St. Jacinta of Fatima had a heart for "poor sinners" and I'm sympathetic to these same-sex attracted individuals for a number of reasons, but one stands out! I wonder how much environmental factors are contributing to the unmasculating of boys and their sense that they are in the wrong body. Why do more and more young boys feel like girls. 

There's one real and disturbing reason. Our water and food is loaded with hormones, particularly estrogen. Back in 2004, AP reported that researchers found eggs in male fish in the Potomac River near Sharpsburg, WV. Spanish scientists found the same thing in their rivers in 2014. In 2020 the National Library of Medicine published an article titled Endocrine Disruptors in Water and Their Affects on the Reproductive System. It contains this alarming information:

Studies have shown that the contaminants present in water can impair development, fertility, and reproductive function in non-human mammals, humans, and aquatic wild life. For instance, exposure to water disinfection byproducts in drinking water can cause cardiac anomalies in developing rat and porcine embryos [9,10]. Further, exposures to bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are known to reduce fertility in mammals by prematurely activating primordial follicles and altering levels of sex-steroid hormones [11,12,13,14,15]. Pesticides have been detected in drinking water sources, and some of these compounds are known reproductive toxicants. For example, exposure to some pesticides is associated with low sperm count and adverse pregnancy outcomes in non-human animals and humans [16,17,18]. Fluorinated substances also can be found in drinking water. Studies have reported that exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) was responsible for impairing sperm viability and fecundability in non-human mammals and humans [19,20,21,22]. Moreover, water contaminated with synthetic estrogens can cause adverse pregnancy outcomes in non-human animals [23,24,25]. Collectively, these previous studies have shown that chemical contaminants in surface and drinking water worldwide can negatively influence the fertility and reproductive capacity of non-human animals and humans.

While liberals wring their hands over global warming climate change,  the poisoning of our water and food supply is much more dangerous and imminent. An increasing percentage of boys born in areas of high industrial pollution are being born with undescended testicles which affects fertility. (Source) And when men become less manly, how does that impact relations between the sexes? 

And then there are the chemical contraceptives found in our drinking water. They are difficult and expensive to remove from wastewater. Numerous articles discuss the negative impact of these chemicals on the reproductive systems of animals. This is from a 2012 LifeSiteNews article:

The female reproductive system undergoes many key developmental changes in the early stages of life, and these changes are dependent on endocrine signaling events that are sensitive to contaminating environmental hormone exposure. A series of studies by a group at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have demonstrated that mice exposed to phytoestrogens – plant estrogens such as those found in soy products – at key developmental time points exhibited impaired fertility [7]. In contrast to mice, in which the critical period of time is during the neonatal period, the human female reproductive tract is undergoing development from prior to birth through adolescence. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the risk of exposure to EDCs across a broader window of time, beginning in the womb.

It seems to me that the issues of homosexuality and transgenderism are directly impacted by these environmental factors. Nevertheless, the inclination to these evils, even if due to environmental factors, does not excuse sin. Most of us have passions and desires that tempt us to choose evil acts. We don't get a pass because environmental, psychological, or familial factors make the sin more appealing. A man with a passion for whiskey still makes the choice to pick up the glass knowing that he is likely to sin when he does. A lonely woman seeking love doesn't get a pass for choosing the faux love of one night stands. We don't sin by experiencing temptation, but by choosing the act to which we are tempted. Feelings and desires aren't sinful, it's what we do with them, the choices we make, that render them opportunities to grow in holiness or embrace the kingdom of darkness. 

"Pray for poor sinners!" Jacinta cried. We should listen to her and begin by praying for ourselves. After that, when we look at others who seem immersed in a lifestyle of sin, we should remember, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." That doesn't mean we make excuses for sin. It does mean that we remember we are all sinners and need to do what we can to help others to reject sin, hear the good news, and choose the love of God!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners, pray for us!


Unknown said...

When the conservatives wake up to the fact that the conservatives have conserved nothing and they realize that conservatives have been a willing dance partner of the left, then we can start getting our country back.
Reject conservatism and become a dissident. Dissent from the current rule where the is only one real party (the party of the rich) where choice of two parties is just a mirage.
Insist on values of traditional Catholicism. Reject corporatism, reject tolerance, and reject evil.
I'm done with a democracy/republic untethered to Christ. Give me a King who recognizes our Lord's supremacy.

Evangeline said...

I'm with unknown. A full on realization has arrived, we've been abandoned by phony conservatism. Politically, both sides are wrecking us, one a bit more than the other. There are about 10 actually good Republicans, the rest are useless as you know whats on a bull.
We've got a tremendously lost culture, tremendously lost. As bad as the incident in Texas is, the reality that officers stood outside for 45 minutes rather than go in that school, leaves me heartsick. Men, supposed men, left those children on their own inside that school. They actually arrested and tased frantic parents. This is worse than effeminate, this is a total betrayal of those sweet lives and their parents. Careers should end. Heads should roll. New protocols set up. I'm sorry, you go in "suicide mission" or not. You go in immediately. This is what a culture has when men are emasculated, when men no longer have men's hearts, but disgraceful hearts, cowardly hearts. I cannot imagine any man standing outside a school where a shooter is in there harming children.
Children are being indoctrinated into LGBT by the culture. They get it on TV programs, media, films, and even their dopey parents. It's hip now to be trans, and studies show the exponential growth of it can only happen by what's called "social contagion". Girls are very vulnerable to it, kids in Special Education are very vulnerable to it

Mary Kay said...

I'm a registered nurse and have been reading about the hormones-in-water problem for over 20 years. I can believe it is problematic but I don't see how it can convert loads of people to believe they are not the sex assigned them by God. If they weren't schooled by society and the NEA to 'explore' their feelings, they would probably learn to live with their nature such as it is.
One of my biggest complaints about FOX news is that they push their gay/lesbian stars who are percentage-wise more frequently displayed than straights, into the limelight. 'See? Aren't we non-judgmental?! I refuse to watch any of the gay/lesbian conservatives. I pray for them but I won't watch or listen to them.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the comments. I think you are right. Kids are being groomed by the culture and I have the same sense about FOX. I always wonder why they never have Brent Bozell of Media Research Center or Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute on Tucker's show as guests. They are both eminently qualified to address many of the problems with the media and cultural issues and the Democrat administration. They are also husbands and fathers and, in Brent's case, grandfathers.