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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Vaccine True Believers: Go Figure!

I have a number of friends who are COVID true believers. They accept without reservation that the COVID gene therapy jab, mislabeled as a vaccine, is effective and necessary and even should be mandatory. One friend told me those who don't get jabbed are "irresponsible." I think he knew I was one of those people, but we are both old and subject to senior moments, so maybe he forgot. I reminded him and said, "You know I check things out carefully. I disagree with you. I had COVID and have natural immunity. I've taken care of two groups of COVID victims without getting sick again." So he reminded me that there are variants. I didn't respond to that. It gets tiresome. I'm not a guinea pig and I'm not playing the medical roulette game being run by quack-in-chief Anthony Fauci.

But what really made me shake my head was his sharing that one of his children and spouse both had very serious cases of COVID and now are suffering from long COVID. They are working with a team of long COVID specialists. Think about that. They were both thoroughly vaccinated and then got really, really sick from the disease they were vaccinated against. Uh...hey what? Some vaccine eh? What if that had happened with the smallpox vaccine?

Hmm..."So," I asked my friend, "What benefit did they get from being vaccinated?" He never answered. If he had, I presume he would have repeated the mantra. "I'm so glad they got vaccinated because it would probably have been worse." 

Some say the jab minimizes symptoms and even contributes to asymptomatic cases. Think about that for a minute. 

Who are the spreaders? The people who have symptoms and stay home in bed or the typhoid Nancys who have no symptoms and spread to dozens of others as they party at the White House? I don'k know of a single case of COVID spread by me. I started having symptoms on a Monday morning. We'd had a family weekend with two of our adult children and their families staying in the house all weekend. On Sunday I sat for at least two hours across the table from my daughter-in-law working on a jigsaw puzzle and chatting. In the evening we played a family game with everyone crammed into our rec room. I did food preparation, set tables, played games with grandkids, etc. On Monday morning I felt deathly ill. As our daughter and her family got ready to head for home in Ohio, I told her to stay away from me because I was sick. She said nonsense and came over to give me a hug. 

None of my family or even my husband got sick despite close contact with me over several days (and weeks in the case of my husband).

Did I have COVID vs the seasonal flu? 

Yes! I went to the hospital on Tuesday to get a workup at the recommendation of a nurse friend. They tested for COVID with positive results confirmed the next day. What treatment? NONE! The nurse told me (by phone) to "tough it out" with no recommendation to take Vitamin D or C or anti-inflammatories or any other sensible treatment option to minimize symptoms. Not even, gargle with listerine or take Tylenol for your fever. Just come back to the hospital if I was on my death bed. I called the Frontline Doctors who believe in actually treating sick people, unlike the medical staff at the ER and my own family physician. The Frontline doctor quizzed me and about my illness and got me a prescription for Ivermectin.

Frankly, I find the true believers unbelievable. No disease has ever been treated like this before. The vaccine industry was once an honored and life-saving group. Now, many suspect it is nothing but a jab-pushing money machine that doesn't care how many people are injured.  They collude with the CDC and FDA to hide the truth about vaccine injuries. The revolving door between the pharmaceutical companies and the government health groups is a well documented scandal!

As for damage from the "vaccine?" The bad news just keeps coming and coming and some doctors are brave enough to share what they're seeing. Here's just one of them:

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury

Are you a true believer or a skeptic? Personally, I think skeptics who become their own health advocates are likely to live longer! 


Susan said...

Skeptic here…no actually I’m proud conspiracy realist! Read the Real Anthony Fauci by RFK, Jr. and the Breggins’ Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are The Prey. Both books do a great job of spelling out how we’ve been gamed.

Aqua said...

What people don't understand is that the body needs germs to pass through in order to exercise its immune response. In the same way that muscles need work to function as muscles, our immune system needs germs to function as an immune system.

Take away germs and immune response weakens, so that when a germ threat emerges, the immune system is overwhelmed and I'll equipped to deal.

Live life with germs coming and going and the amazing immune response God gave us is well prepared to anticipate threats that it sees and deals death to the invader.

Live a healthy life with plenty of sun, exercise, good food, lots of water, the occasional hit from the Ivermectin bottle ... give the immune system every chance to do what God intended and that is the best chance we've got with whatever follow C19.

Mess with God's immune system by altering DNA coding and giving your body Windows95 style confused and conflicting coding directions to replace God's perfect system ... well ... you're pretty much on your own if you took a bite from that apple.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Years ago I galloped horses for a race horse farm which also had mares and foals. One time there was a foal born who developed acute scours - diarrhea - and was quickly going downhill from dehydration and literally starvation from not being able to keep food in its body. After various "new" methods, an old vet was called in. He took the mare's manure, diluted it with water and pumped it into the foal's stomach. The foal was cured because the bacteria its body needed to survive was then provided.

Likewise, my brother is currently on tons of medicine yet has problems with diarrhea. I told him that he has no germs or bacteria left in his body because his medicines have removed it and that he needs to eat foods that provide or produce bacteria or take acidophilus. But no one listens to me because I'm not a doctor....yet here I sit with no vaccine, no boosters, and never had Covid even though I'm around hundreds of people everyday. I take Vitamin D, C, etc...but...but ""You're not a doctor!" My answer is always that one doesn't need to be a doctor to have common sense.