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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Threats and Intimidation at her Colleague's Homes? No Comment from Ketanji Jackson!

Recently named Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson,  is already living up to the lower than low expectations she's earned with her dismal judicial record so far. Not only is she the friend of pedophiles, but she allies herself with the violent LEFTIST mobs making threats at the justices homes. When asked about the criminal protests, she responded, "No comment." Of course, she doesn't have to worry about LEFTIST mobs threatening her home. If they come it will be with flowers, welcome flags, and chocolates. Jackson's home is safe, of course, since she is a POL (pawn of THE LEFT). 

Nope! She's a-okay with the mob harassing and threatening Alito, etc. Wow! These justices are supposedly her colleagues. What a way to win friends and influence people, KBJ. 

Somehow, I don't think we'll see a friendship like Scalia and Ginsberg among the current crop of sitting judges. Jackson and Thomas? Heck no. They may share skin color but Thomas is the wrong kind of black. They pegged him as an Uncle Tom years ago. Now she, on the other hand, is a real black, one who is firmly entrenched on THE LEFT'S plantation. She got to where she is because of her leftist views and Joe Biden's racism and sexism! Isn't that what racism is -- when you give someone a job because of the color of her skin or sexism when you give someone preferential treatment because of her sex? What ever happened to judging the competence of a person and fitness for office?

Joe Biden advertised his racism and sexism to the entire world when he said he would only consider black women for the court. The media not only gave him a pass, they applauded, because they are as corrupt as he is.

What difference do sex and race make in judging competence, you may ask? 

The answer of course, is NOTHING! But if you are a racist, that's all that matters -- the color of someone skin. That's why the mainstream media ignores violent hate crimes when they are committed by blacks. Often they don't even mention the ethnicity of black murderers. And when a black does commit a violent crime, the story is sure to disappear from the media within hours because it doesn't advance their agenda. You've probably already forgotten the massacre at the Christmas parade in Waukesha. It was out of the headlines in 90 seconds. 

Racism is, indeed, alive and well and gushing out of the White House and the offices of the Congressional majority like a tsunami. These virtue-signaling elitists couldn't care less about people of color. They use them as pawn pieces on a chess board to serve their purposes. 

As for Judge Jackson, she is probably the most incompetent individual ever nominated to the court. Hey! She can't even define what a woman is since she's "not a biologist." That insane response sparked an avalanche of memes, for example, "Judge Jackson, is it raining outside?" Response: "Don't ask me, I'm not a meteorologist." Could she identify a chocolate chip cookie? Probably not since she's not a baker.

We are living in crazy times, so is it really a surprise to see such a mediocrity rise to the Supreme Court? Nope! Tyrannies always place incompetent people in powerful positions as long as they are willing to do the bidding of their masters. Think of the pathetic little clerk, Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief organizers behind the holocaust who was finally brought to justice for his war crimes and hanged in 1962. Like Biden, Pelosi, and all the other pro-abortion politicians who have enabled our American holocaust agains innocent babies, Eichmann never killed a single Jew personally. His actions, however, sent millions to their deaths. We are seeing that repeated in our own time. 

Fortunately for Justice, there is an accounting that no one can avoid called The Judgment. In the meantime, let us all pray for the Supreme Court judges targeted by THE LEFT. Intimidating justices and trying to influence their decisions is a crime, a crime that truly threatens our country. The law protects the weak. When Roe falls, the sheep and the goats will start to be clearly separated as states that still respect family and tradition will defend the babies and the states immersed in selfishness and relativism will continue to advance the killing. God help us all in these evil times!

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