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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Empire Strikes Back at AB Cordileone, Or Should I Say THE EMPRESS Strikes Back!

Nancy Pelosi is responding to her spiritual father, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, with her usual claim of being a "devout Catholic" who simply disagrees with his personal opinions regarding Catholic teaching. Like all dishonest and dissenting Catholics, she twists the meaning of conscience and free will. Hey, she claims, God gave us free will so we could make "responsible" decisions about whether or not to limit our families by killing babies that God sends. In her interview with MSNBC Nancy reminds me of Margaret Sanger who always posed as a caring person while she worked in the background to eliminate the "human weeds" among us: blacks, Catholics, the poor, etc. 

Pelosi shakes her fist at God about abortion and other Catholic doctrines and makes it pretty clear whom she serves. Hint: It isn't the Lord of Life!

She dismisses God's babies with a cavalier discussion on women's rights with a message that essentially says, "Sorry, God, times not right. Gotta meet the mortgage on the new McMansion we just bought and pay for the cruise we're taking. Can't look fat in my bikini after all." (I actually had an abortion minded woman tell me that was the reason she planned to kill her baby. Fortunately, she was so far along even the abortionist wouldn't do it.)

Nancy's response to her archbishop includes some gems that show exactly how muddled she is on Catholic teaching. Well...actually she probably knows the teaching and deliberately spins scripture and doctrine to accord with her status as a "devout" dissenting Catholic. It's all about conscience, ya know, as in, my conscience lets me make it all up as I go along.

Pelosi received Communion last Sunday at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, a parish run by Jesuits who stopped acting like Catholic priests eons ago (with a few holy exceptions like Fr. John Hardon and Fr. Robert Bradley. May they rest in peace interceding for their Jesuit brethren who serve the prince of this world.). 

Joe Biden also is most welcome at Holy Trinity where the priests' actions and those of Pelosi and Biden illustrate the sin against the Holy Spirit.* (See note below.) Murdering babies is no problem for these "presiders" who come closest to authenticating the Black Legend against the Jesuits. In case you don't remember, that's the slander that there were tunnels connecting monasteries and rectories to convents where the priests and nuns met for trysts and buried any babies conceived as a result. It was a lie, but the actions of these renegade Jesuits come close to making it the truth today. While these priests may not be the physical fathers of the dead babies, they are certainly their abusive and murderous spiritual fathers by enabling these powerful murderous Catholic politicians. God help them on Judgment day!

But back to Empress Nancy. Pelosi had the chutzpa to lecture the archbishop on Holy Scripture saying his actions were “not consistent with the Gospel of Matthew." It's unclear what she meant by that. After all, there are plenty of hard sayings in Matthew's gospel. Just ignore those, eh Nancy? But let me give her an excerpt of Jesus' words from Matthew that describe those priests willing to give her sacrilegious Communion:

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves.

Yup! Nancy and Joe, proselytes of the false gospel preached at that temple of the world, (Un)Holy Trinity in Georgetown. They are sent forth at the end of Mass to spread the gospel of Satan to the world!

St. Jacinta, we ask your intercession for all poor sinners including ourselves, but especailly for those whose "grave public scandals" threaten their own souls and the souls of others. Please intercede for Archbishop Cordileone as he faces the rage of THE LEFT. How many churches in his archdiocese will now be targets of the harridan handmaids of the empire?

Pray for Nancy, Joe, and all Catholic politicians who serve the Prince of this World, a liar and murderer from the beginning. Their salvation is at risk and they very much need the charity of those who love God and His precious images in the little ones waiting to be born.


*What is the sin against the Holy Spirit? Theologians have debated it for centuries. Fr. Hugh Barber, a Thomist, discussed it in an interview at the portions in yellow pretty much describe the attitude of Empress Nancy:

Despair, presumption of God’s mercy in order to sin... refusal to seek pardon, obstinacy in sin...and then resisting the known truth....The truest good, I don’t want it. And envy, and this is the big one, envy of your brother’s goodness or happiness or delight. Those are those things that are … kind of there’s something satanic about them....Saint Thomas says very clearly, if they are not repented of,...if there’s no sorrow for them, there’s no way they can be pardoned. Now, why is that?

Because you could say, as we Catholics with catechism, mortal sins are mortal sins, yes, but they’re not all the same. They’re just not. Some mortal sins are worse than other mortal sins....these sins, they show that you’re not disposed to be pardoned, that you have either just a rejection of it or an aversion to [the truth] for whatever reason, but with a firmity of will, that is that your will is not embracing the good that’s offered to you....

If someone refuses to even make an effort to exercise hope or to trust in God, right, if you don’t trust in him and he’s your last good and you’re a big sinner, well then you’re in pretty bad shape. That’s despair. On the other hand, if you so offend his justice that you think that you can just get by with sinning, you can do whatever you want because, I mean, that’s no big deal, just total presumption.

We’re not talking about someone who’s tempted to sin. Listen to this....We’re not talking to the person who at the moment of giving into sin thinks, “Oh, well I can confess this later.” That’s not necessarily presumption. That’s a thought that passes your head because it’s true.

No. You’re sinning because you’re weak, or because of a bad habit, or whatever it might be. Which sinning of your own free choice, it’s a sin, but it’s not necessarily just precisely a sin of presumption against the justice of God, like right to your face. Like, “I dare you. I’m going to do this, and then you’re going to forgive me anyway, because that’s the way you’ve set it up.” We’re not going to do that. That’s not the attitude. It's a direct confrontation of the good and a rejection of it.....

But Saint Thomas explains it very well. He says if one stays impenitent in these sins that are of malice against the good … That’s why they’re called against the Holy Spirit. They’re really against all three persons, of course. But if one stays impenitent in that and is fixed, death of course … well, even before death. If one stays impenitent in it, there is no forgiveness. You can’t be forgiven for that.

But he says not that that means that it might not be forgiven, but that they can be forgiven only by the grace of God, by the free gift of God. What he means there, and it’s one of the times when Saint Thomas uses the expression sola gratia.

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Andrew Dunn said...

This is uncharitable I know but I can't Pray for Nancy Pelosi. I think at this point, the Archbishop needs to take the next step and officially send her her bell, book and candle. San Fran Nan isn't going to change without some tough love as this revolting act of defiance on MSNBC proves. Please Archbishop Cordelione, excommunicate her now, along with all the other unapologetically pro-abortion public figures in the San Francisco Archdiocese.

As for the Jesuits... they have no vocations for a reason. They're dying off and that can't happen fast enough.