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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The God of Ukraine

In the above clip (the gorgeous) Gerard Butler as Zelensky in The God of Ukraine, says:

"I, Zelensky, shall be your one true king! King of all the Collective West! Behold the fate of all who stand in my way. Bow before me or die. Worship me or be enslaved! From now on you have to buy your way in with riches earned"...or preferably stolen from Russia.

Russia is winning the war on the ground. Ukraine is winning the media war scripted by George Soros, Obama, Clinton, Schwab and Ursula von der Crazy as leaders of the globalist Collective West, one by one, travel to Kiev to bow down and kiss the ring of Zelensky, their new proxy king. 

Mark my words - when Russia wins, the West will claim victory for whatever is left of what will be a rump state of Ukraine - forever in debt to the West, ruined and depleted of their young men. The death and destruction could have been avoided with diplomacy. Russia was willing but the West was not.

The United States and the Collective West don't want peace. They want war. They think they'll win and then Russia will have a favorable regime change for the West to plunder Russia's natural resources for themselves. 

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Mary Kay said...

I think the stage show has to continue for another few months. It is nowhere near election season yet. I think it might be a long, hot summer.