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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Beautiful Adoption Story

If you know a single person who's adopted, I hope you help them out. It's a courageous act to make that huge commitment knowing you'll need to work, find sitters, etc. But what an act of love. And I can testify to Julia's doing it well with happy little Veeka a real-live testimony to love.


  1. If singles, why not homosexuals? The child should have the right to a mother *and* a father.

    It is fallacious to argue that there aren't enough married couples willing to adopt...couples are paying many tens of thousands of dollars and going through huge trials to adopt...I know of no study showing an insufficiency of married couples.

    An unremarked additional point is that the single mother frequently has a silent partner supporting her (Big Government, through the various entitlement programs).

    Catholic adoption agencies are being shut down because they won't adopt to homosexual couples. Promoting singles as model adopters just adds fuel to the leftist fire.

  2. Are you saying there is no difference between a little girl growing up with a single Christian mom and a child being placed with a person with a disordered attraction that affects his/her entire outlook on life? Can't agree.

    Also, I'm not "promoting singles as model adopters;" I'm simply showing how a personal friend is a good mom to her darling little daughter who has often climbed up on my husband's lap for story time.

    Fr. John Hardon's dad was killed in an accident when Father was a toddler. He was raised by his mom and a few aunts. I don't think it hurt him any. I wonder how you feel about moms who refuse abortin and choose to raise their babies alone rather than give them up for adoption. Not ideal, but a courageous option and they aren't all on the dole.

  3. Your personal experience is hard to argue against without seeming mean. Others might cite darling children who they know who are being raised by homosexuals. This is anecdotal and proves little.

    Believe me, single adopters would be taken up by homosexuals, every bit as much as IVF-users and divorcers, to support their argument that they shouldn't be discriminated against.

    The examples you cite of Fr. Hardon and the single mom who eschews abortion are not relevant because the single parents *are* the natural parents in this is not a question of an agency (which means the State) awarding a child to an unrelated single parent. Obviously, I am not saying that as soon as a parent dies, making their spouse single, that that is no longer a fit parent.

    I would compare this issue to that of priestly gender. Sure, we could have many more priests if women could become priests. Or, if priests didn't have to be celibate. But that denies the reason that priests must be male. Or, it denies the reason that celibacy is best, and part of Church discipline. You could show appealing pictures of inspiring Protestant women ministers and what good they're doing, but it wouldn't make the RCC change what it's doing. You can also see the good some Byzantine rite married priests are doing. But, as my friend Fr Stanley Jaki used to say, there's a good reason for the Church discipline.

    And there's a good reason to stick with married couples for adoption.

  4. One middle-aged, single, public school teacher I knew as far as I know had very good morals and was a good Christian, and she adopted three teenages from Romania. When I ask her how it was going along, she told me it turned out to be harder than she expected. At least one of the teens was a boy, and it is very hard for a woman to discipline a son alone. They need a strong father figure to keep them in line most of the time. Girls need it too. The same goes for a man raising children alone. A woman can explain certain things to a girl or teen better than a man.

  5. I agree that the ideal for all children is two loving Christian parents. However, how can it possibly be better for a child to grow up in foster care or a third world orphanage than to have one loving Christian parent? What's best for each individual child is to imagine we are adopting Jesus.

  6. " What's best for each individual child is to imagine we are adopting Jesus."

    But God made sure Jesus had a mother and a father (Joseph) to take care of him. And it's not either/or - there are enough couples to adopt all those children who need it.

    How are adoption agencies to distinquish between the genuinely Christian singles, versus the "Murphy Browns" anyway. And what if a homosexual adopts as a "single" person, and then goes ahead and bequeaths the child with an extra, homosexual parent? If one parent is good enough, surely two parents are even better? This could be a very easy road to backdoor homosexual adoptions.

    No! every child deserves a mother and a father. In a loving relationship. Yes, death may take a parent, but that child still has a model relationship to tie up to. Watch "The Jeweler's Shop" (movie based on play written by JPII). This story underlines the importance, to the child, or the mother and father's relationship to each other.