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Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama, Our Dictator

If you aren't frightened by the totalitarian moves of President Obama, you must be ignorant of history. This man believes he is an emperor with no limits on his right to exert his will on the American people. That Congress is allowing him to do this with nary a peep reflects the moral cowardice of our political elite. As long as their sinecures are protected they go along with creeping tyranny.

Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers

Hat tip to Ray at Political Brambles

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  1. Where is Congress? Good question! They are either the biggest weaklings we've ever seen or many of them are just part of the "Masonic Brotherhood" selling us out for the sake of the New World Order. What stands in the way? The USA and the Roman Catholic Church. When they think they've finally got all their ducks lined up - watch out!