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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why Doesn't Carbonite Respect Women?

Well, treating women rudely isn't limited to Rush Limbaugh. I decided to cancel my Carbonite account after the company withdrew from sponsoring Limbaugh's program. (I agree that Rush shouldn't have used the language he did. It was stupid as well as rude, and he's smart enough he should have realized it would change the focus from the issue to him. But he apologized. Have you ever heard Bill Maher apologize for calling Sarah Palin an obscenity and insulting her children?)

Anyway, I called Carbonite this afternoon and the man (I can't call him a gentleman) who took my call asked why I was cancelling. When I told him, he said that was the stupidest think he ever heard, made a comment about how they respect people, told me to uninstall Carbonite from my computer, and hung up on me - all in a tone of absolute contempt. I was shocked!

I didn't like what Rush said, but he apologized. This man didn't call me a "stupid b***ch in so many words, but it was sure there in his tone.  And this was after telling me how Carbonite respects people - well, maybe only fornicating thirty-year-old law students.

I called back and asked to speak to a manager. They're ALL managers apparently according to the woman who assured me she was one, which, perhaps, explains the freedom to treat customers like dirt. (Hey! I've got the power!) This woman however was polite and shifted me to customer service where I cancelled my account after being told that they will not prorate my payment which renewed in January.
But after my experience today, it's worth losing the balance of my account to avoid working with a company where service reps think what's not okay for Limbaugh is okay for them.


  1. Wow! Well, as much as I am surprised, I shouldn't be. I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh after he got married for the 4th time. In my eyes, he had lost all conservative credibility. The saddest thing in that was that he was married once (for the second time) by Catholic Justice, Clarence Thomas. In 2010, Justice Thomas was also present at the 4th wedding ceremony of Rush Limbaugh. Needless to say, I have ceased respecting Clarence Thomas.

    Just because the state thinks it has the right to marry people through the court system does not make it right. It's another case where religious exemption should be trumpeted. Pope Leo XIII wrote about this in Arcanum.

    I'll try to be a purist in my beliefs and expectations, as is possible. I know nobody is perfect, but if we are to have a conservative voice, it should be one who actually lives it and does more than talking about it.

    Just an opinion.


  2. I cut Rush some slack because his was the first national show where I ever heard somebody say, "Abortion is murder." He didn't just say it once, he repeated it over and over. That was over ten years ago. I was in the kitchen of my old house standing in front of the radio, and I remember vividly because I cried when I heard it. For someone who'd been fighting for the little ones in the womb since 1972, it was an unforgettable moment.

  3. Yes, you are right. I have heard him say that many times. Whatever our differences, I am glad he is bold enough to issue that statement on live radio.