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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The New Gay Marines

Marines 'Starting to Look Ridiculous'

Photo modified by AFTAH

Ya think? I happen to have friends with a son-in-law stationed in Hawaii. He and his wife were present at this event so I heard about it several days before seeing the photo. My friend told us the bus came into the hangar with the door away from the families. The soldiers debarked and the families began chanting, "Move that bus! Move that bus!" When the bus moved the soldiers and their families ran over to welcome each other. My friend's daughter described the clinch. The gay soldier and his homosexual partner ran to each other and the soldier leaped into the other man's arms straddling him with his legs as is clearly shown in the photo. Soldiers are supposed to refrain from PDA (public display of affection) while in uniform, but at homecomings there is some leniency. (A little too much in this case.) Interesting that my friend said her daughter described the rather restrained welcomes of the normal families. (In other words no full body hugs pressing private parts together.) Keep in mind there were lots of children present. But as the World Net Daily article points out, no one can say one word against this privileged behavior. After all, it's a new "gay" military world. Let the sodomy in the barracks begin.


  1. And more and more vileness and defamation. You have no respect towards soldiers that defend our country. Your blind veneomous hatred is so deep that it demends that gay couplkes should show no emotion, no love, that they should be so deeply closeted.

    How much pleasure do you find in vomiting your venom on this soldier, defaminmg his service, relationship and basic humanity. This picture is normal because it is normal to hug the person you love who comes hoemn unharmed. But what would you know about love? The only this you have to offer is contempt and visiousness.

    And as usual you also lie. You christians talk so much about truth but when it comes to gays all lies are accpetable. If you have evr seen soldiers homecoming you see hugs and kisses from their spouses. Always. Bearing false witness is no problemn to you, is it?

    You should be ashamed but as religious, hateful zealot you are incapable of it.

  2. Oh yes, those of us who object to public displays of perverted behavior are "vicious, contemptible, venomous, hateful zealots," etc. But you, ANONYMOUS, on the other hand, are filled with compassion, tolerance, and the milk of loving kindness. And you're also so courageous you hide under a rock while you spew, dare I say it, venom at Christians.

    We're all sinners and we should all keep our sins in the closet -- it's called the Confessional. A society that celebrates perversion and forces everybody to call evil good is on the way to extinction. Homosexual sex is evil and perverted. Heterosexual adultery and fornication are evil as well, but not perverted. To make perversion normal is the mark of a deeply depraved culture that cannot long survive.

  3. Could you have squeezed in "evil" and "perverted" a few more times, just to emphasize the amount of "Christian " "love" and "compassion"? Not to talk about respect to a soldier who defends sick bigots like you and their right to demand his life to be destroyed because of their perverted view of their "faith".

    But all this I say because i "loooove", I am just saying "truth in love". After all if there is anything thatä's perverted here it is the level of venomous obsession you "Christians" have about gays. Not to talk about the sadistic eragerness to hurt gay people, their families and everyone who loves them.

    You are cruelty personified. And that is a atement of love, compassion and also warning to turn away from your sick, evil, perverted and vile ways.

  4. I'm with Mary Ann on this one.

  5. No, "cruelty personified" is telling people behavior that leads to hell is "love." I want all my brothers and sisters in heaven. And the Bible is pretty clear about the punishment for lust. Read Romans chapter 1. John the Baptist had the right message. "Reform your lives."

  6. If you would not have had a comment on that photo if it showed a man and a woman, then you should not have had a comment on that photo for showing a man and a man. Period.

  7. So, Martha, there is no difference between a relationship between an opposite sex couple and a same sex couple? Uh...did your mom never teach you about the birds and bees?

  8. Apparently the Marines are no longer looking for "a few good men" but for "a few good fairies."

  9. The true hatred is indeed treating homosexual perversion as normalcy, for that lulls these deluded souls into a blindness and complacency that will lead to eternal damnation - and much misery in this life. Martha and the first "anonymous", I truly suggest that you show some REAL openness to God's mercy and repent of your misplaced sympathies before you endanger your own immortal souls.

  10. Look. I hate to have to state the obvious, but there seems to be confusion here as to which way is up and which way is down. N one with a shred of intellectual honesty can deny that homosexual acts are clearly contra naturam. This is obvious from the fact that, unlike same-sex couples, a man and a woman have interlocking genitalia and are capable of bringing new life into the world. It is also obvious from the fact that we are hard-wired for revulsion against homosexual acts, just as we are hard-wired to abhor acts of incest and acts of cannibalism. We have to do a great deal of violence to ourselves in order to destroy this hard-wired abhorrence.

    The foregoing is not hate speech, any more than Mary Ann's comments are hate speech. Whether people like it or not, it does have the merit of being true. And Truth, ultimately, is inescapable.

  11. Sorry Anonymous 12:29 but the parts don't fit. You should hurl your anger at the human anatomy not those of us who see the obvious.


  12. What Anita said.

    The hatred of the 1st Anonymous commenter is palpable.

  13. I think I feel about you the way you feel about homosexuals. Sure there is some good inside, but it's so hard to tell. Your lifestyle sure doesn't reflect Christian values to me.

  14. How do I "feel" about gays? I love them enough to speak the truth about their sinful behavior. Actually, it's the same thing I do as a mom/grandma about the sinful behavior of my children/grandchildren.

    Telling people their sinful behavior is good isn't love; it's cowardice. As for "Christian values" what are they in your book? Being "nice?" Telling them only what they want to hear? That's sure not what Jesus did.

  15. Obviously, the perfect calling for homosexuals is not the military. It is Catholic religious life:

    "Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection" (CCC 2357– 2359).


  16. I think you're being sarcastic, no?
    We all know what happened because of homosexuals being accepted into the priesthood. They preyed on adolescent boys. The priest sex abuse problem was NOT a pedophile problem, but a problem of pederasty where adult men sought sexual relationships with minors mostly young teens and middle school boys.

  17. More and more vileness? The only way you can express Chris and your "love" is through lies, defamation and insults. You are perfect example of a nasty bigot who can not attract anyone out of the "sin". But taht is not your true purpose eiter, is it. you sole purpose is to hurt gays as much possible and create a society filled with venom and hatred.

    Homosexuals, like these two marines are into adult companions,. not into abusking children which is the age old catholic standard. CATHOLICS have abused cchildren (sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually) for centuries. that is why I never allow a catholic person close to my children. Person like you.

    Do not like that generalization? But you have no problem in blaming gays for rapes in your church and equating all gays with pedohiles. Including this courageous marine who defeds you sick and perverted bigoted being. But the only thanks he gets from you is you vomiting your prejudice and hatred on him.

    You are rotten to the core.

  18. Wow! Sorry you don't like the facts, Anonymous, but they are there. Over 70% of the abuse cases in the Church were homosexual men abusing adolescent boys.

    As for vileness, your "jamming" illustrates the deliberate tactic discussed in After the Ball about demonizing your opponents. But slandering me doesn't change the fact that the homosexual lifestyle is disordered and a threat to young people. Google the term "chicken hawk" with gay. You get 19,000 hits about older men who like sex with young men including "under-age" partners. Also, why are gay activists trying to lower the age of consent? Who is the liar here? The North American Man-Boy Love Association has the motto, "Sex before eight or else it's too late."

    But don't let facts get in the way of "vomiting your venom" against Christians.

  19. I didn't post your latest screed, Anonymous, because it was more of the same hate-filled personal ad hominem attack. I've allowed you enough of that already.

    If you want to debate the issues, i.e., homosexuals in the military, NAMBLA's advocacy of man-boy sex, etc. I'll gladly post your comments. Otherwise, you can take your jamming somewhere else.