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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Persecuted Priests Deserve Our Help

Most faithful Catholics these days are aware of the persecution being suffered by many good priests. You can help one -- Fr. James Haley. See here.  By the way, Father is not allowed to present himself as a priest, wear clerics, etc. He has been forcibly dismissed from the priesthood although he is also not allowed to see the canonical proceedings that led to his "sentence." What happened to him reminds me of the machinations used by other politician-bishops throughout history to remove "troublesome" priests.

Father has been told he may not use the name "Father," and he suggested I not call him that. I cannot think of him as anything else. May God forgive those responsible for the vendetta that led to his dismissal. By the way, a fictionalized account of his story will be coming out in a few months with publication of a book written by a friend of mine, a published author. You won't want to miss it. Most of it is based on fact and some of the most outlandish things in the book really happened. More on that later.

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  1. Even though he was forcibly dismissed, the sacrament of holy orders is a mark on one's soul that can never be taken away for all of eternity. He will always be a priest in God's eyes, both in this life and in the after.