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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Occupy San Francisco Meets Jesus

Hat tip to Fr. Malloy at A Shepherd's Voice for pointing me to this great story. And two thumbs up for the evangelicals.

  Evangelicals Confront Occupy San Francisco

Now can someone explain exactly what these occupy-ers stand for? Let's see: They're against porn for its disrespect of women, but love abortion that makes women recyclable sex objects. They want liberation, but hate the greatest liberator -- Jesus Christ. They claim to be part of the 99% but hate Christians who, according to an ABC poll, represent 83% of Americans.

The Occupy movement is bogus. Behind it are the mob organizers like George Soros who is at the top of the 1%. Does anybody really think that the SEIU, Soros, the Communist Party, and every other group enabling this nonsense care two hoots about the ordinary Joe living on the edge or the lower middle class family whose parents have lost their jobs? A lot of people are living in a dream world playing at revolution on someone else's dime.

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  1. I actually invited these guys to osf. The idea that we were being "confronted" seems a little odd when we had welcomed the group under the pretext of having their support and them, ours. What is claimed as my purpose here has nothing to do with my purpose as stated to the group. In whole- doesn't seem very christian.
    There are actually a good number of us who speak loudly against Soros' involvement at occupy. We represent ourselves when we speak
    . .. I will pray that these evil thoughts leave your mind and that you seek truth.