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Friday, March 16, 2012

I Cancelled My Carbonite Account


This made me laugh....Rush made a mistake (for which he apologized), but Carbonite's mistake was bigger. And Sandra Fluke, sad to say, illustrates a shamelessness all too common in her generation as Facebook and My Space and other social networking sites illustrate. Sandra and her boyfriend's Facebook posts illustrate exactly how hypocritical the thirty-something's Congressional testimony really was. She's hardly a poor, starving student freezing in her garret. 

And what decent woman gets up before a Congressional committee to air her sins in public? "Good afternoon, Congressmen, I'm here today to proclaim that I have a right to fornicate freely and I do mean freely. The taxpayers have an obligation to pay for my 'protection' like it or not. So pony up for all the poor law students who need their free birth control pills and, for that matter, abortions if the pills fail." 

When I was a student attending college in D.C. I occasionally drove with someone (I didn't own a car) down 14th Street and saw the ladies of the night publicly strutting their stuff. It saddened me that women would be reduced to selling their bodies to make ends meet. I'm betting that at least some of them felt like Fantine in Les Mis and would hardly call home to tell Mom what they were doing much less testify before a Congressional committee. But Sandra apparently has no shame about flaunting her fornication. And why should she be surprised if her public proclamation results in criticism from those who believe we should take our sins to the confessional instead of the board room? 

I feel sorry for Sandra Fluke, just like I did for the women on 14th Street. As for what Rush said, it was rude and crass and he definitely shouldn't have said it, but was he really far off? 

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