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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Would Vanderbilt Hold a Muslim or Jewish Group to this Policy?

Vanderbilt policy requires Catholic Club to Allow Non-Catholic Leaders

The Policy

Do you suppose the Black Student Alliance is required to fill leadership positions with whites?

Do you suppose the university requires the Lambda Association to offer leadership roles to heterosexual students...or with Catholic students who believe acting out on homosexual feelings is wrong?

This is all about purging the politically incorrect. What it also means is that the Catholic students are ineligible to receive funding that goes to other campus activities. So students who pay the activities fee are denied the right to benefit if they happen to be Catholic.

But never is all about tolerance...selective tolerance. To borrow from  George Orwell's Animal Farm, All student clubs are equal, but some are more equal than others. 

There's no question that Vanderbilt's policy discriminates against Catholic students. But no doubt they deserve to be treated like second class citizens. After all, believing in Biblical morality just proves you are a hatemonger who ought to be fed to the lions.

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