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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Too Funny: No ID to Vote, but ID for Everything Else

This is a hoot. The liberals say that it's discriminatory to the poor and elderly to require an ID to vote. Why aren't they upset about IDs for all these other situations? Could it just be that they don't give a hoot about discrimination; they just want to make it easy to cheat at the polls?


  1. Could it be that to vote is a fundamental right that the state should not abridge or restrict in any way and the other things are just entitlements within the state or Federal context?

    Oh Mary Ann, you're a hoot.

  2. So you think it's okay for dead people and Mickey Mouse to vote?

    You're the one who's a hoot, Paul.

  3. You had a point? Asking for an ID does not abridge the right to vote. It protects the integrity of the vote. If you can vote without an ID can you register without one?

  4. The problem is not the right to vote it is the integrity of the vote. Everyone is not entitled to vote just because they walk into a polling place. On that formula I could vote as often as I like. "Vote early, vote often!"

    Failure to uphold the integrity of the vote undermines the whole system.