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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandra Fluke: No Random Student but a Liberal Activist

Ah, they never tire of the set up. Remember Lawrence vs. Texas where the police arrested two gays in the act of sodomy, the case that became the Roe v. Wade of homosexuality overturning all state anti-sodomy laws? It was a set-up from start to finish with the anonymous call to the cops, the open door when they got there, the two guy humping in the bed....

Well it looks like Sandra Fluke is the latest liberal set-up in the liberal game book. No random student, this thirty year old appears to have enrolled at Georgetown with the express purpose of forcing contraceptive coverage (and "gender reassignment" surgery) into the health plans. Read here.

Evil is never content with its own "right to choose." It must eliminate the right to choose of those who disagree with it. Consider that government health care won't cover hearing aids or dental treatment but every taxpayer will be forced to provide randy co-eds with birth control drugs.

But we can all rest easy. Kathleen Sebelius assures us that the contraceptive mandate will be paid for by the savings from fewer people. Now some of us believe more people means a richer world (more workers = more production = more taxes, etc.) but liberals see people as nothing but consumers. And, of course, as leftists, they're right (I mean correct) because they buy votes with their handouts while they work to kill off those they consider useless. The unborn can't vote for liberals, after all, so what good are they?


  1. I watched her when she was on The View - she seemed calm and reasonable in the beginning, but as the talk went on, I sensed a very agenda driven, political activist. Joy was so on edge I thought if Limbaugh walked on the set she would claw him to pieces.

  2. It's all a game the left plays to manipulate the narrative. This is a red herring to promote their anti-church agenda and also to keep attention off the Republican primaries and demonize the various candidates that might be against Obama in November.

    Obama also schedule a press conference on Super Tuesday (today) to limit media coverage. These people are masters of manipulating the media and the media wants to go along since they get hot flashes from Obama (not sure why ... must be something in the koolaid they drink).

    It's going to get crazier.

  3. So it is OK to call her a "slut" and demand that she tapes her intimate moments for the enjoyment of obese, middle aged male family values advocates? It doesn't suprise me one bit that mary Ann suppotrts the degredation of women who do not subject themselves under the abuse and religious tyranny of extremist catholics.

    And Terry: regerdless of what you "sensed", Fluke is calm, reasonable and well spoken.

    Unlike her critics.

  4. Your on notice, Anonymous. You troll my site for the sole purpose of engaging in ad hominem attacks and making statements, like this one, that have nothing to do with my post. Your approach in every comment has been to build a straw man and then knock it down with insults and ridicule. So don't bother sending any more comments like that. They won't be posted.

  5. We have to get better at nailing this liberal attack rhetoric by showing it up for what it is. Here's a comment I made on FB when getting the usual treatment from the trolls.
    As usual the lefties play the leftie two-step: 1) miss-characterize the position of your opponent (done either with a direct straw man or with Bulverism (ascribing a dismissive motive)), and then 2) call names, ridicule and belittle. I don't take it too personally frankly because I know how few neurons are behind it. Liberalism is a mental disease from what I can see. It inverts the discourse which normally should proceed from facts and principles to conclusions. But liberals start with conclusions and invent facts to fit them and have no principles really. This explains of course why their discourse isn't coherent. The facts and principles in one argument are not constrained to agree with the facts and principles in another. It's fun to watch up to a point.
    The point is that the folks on the left only believe in getting their way and none of the ideas they espouse are really things they are committed to. The give new meaning to Holden Caulfield's "phonies."