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Monday, March 5, 2012

Theology on Tap Thrown Out of Denver Bar

After a Catholic bishop spoke on the HHS mandate in a Denver bar, the proprietors told Theology on Tap to find another venue for their program. Stoney's Bar and Grill have standards after all. Now I'm all for the right of bar owners to decide on the quality of their clientele, but I immediately wondered what the media would say had they thrown out a gay group. it becomes a civil rights issue. What if two gay guys want to celebrate their nuptials barside with the the bartender presiding and the wedding party lifting their glasses of Dom Perignon with a splash of Grand Marnier to the happy couple? Can't you just imagine the irate voices raised against "discrimination, intolerance, homophobia, hate-mongering, religious zealotry...." Well, you get the idea. Perhaps you could give Stoney's (well named since they apparently have rocks for brains) the benefit of your opinion. And if you're in Denver, pass their door on the way to a different bar.

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  1. I'm willing to bet Stoney's doesn't allow smoking (except for dope).