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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Speaking the truth in love....

Bishop Thomas Olmstead from the the Catholic Sun August 10, 2010:
"Both Church teaching and the study of reality, the natural law, show that homosexuality is an objective disorder -- that is, it does not correspond to the God-given reality of the sexually differentiated human being. Therefore, to condone the homosexual lifestyle is never a move in favor of a person's true happiness. Moreover, to change the legal and societal definition of the fundamental instiution of marriage in order to suit an adult sexual preference is a selfish and irresponsible corruption of the truth."
Gosh, it's good to hear the plain truth from one of our shepherds. Many people live in a make-believe world where they follow the Humpty Dumpty maxim that words have no meaning except what they give them. So marriage is --- whatever -- a man with a man, a woman with a woman, Caligula and his sister, a man and x# of women. No culture can survive where truth has been exiled and the truth is that a state that defies the natural law is a state on the way to extinction.

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