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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your Source for Incandescent Light Bulbs

Apparently, incandescent lightbulbs haven't been completely banned and there is an industrial source for them which projects a 7-year bulb life when burned an average of four hours a day. And...they're made in the U.S.A. Now, I absolutely detest fluorescent lighting, so this website is a real find. Think I'll order a supply and see if they really last for seven years. Maybe I'll date the bulbs before I screw them in. And a reminder: don't hide any of your lights under a bushel basket!


  1. Thanks for the Hat Tip!

    Common Cents

  2. Fluorescent bulbs stink. They take forever to reach their full brightness (which isn't much to write home about), they're expensive, and they're dangerous. I'm glad there's somebody still manufacturing incandescent bulbs in this country. BUT: did you ever think we'd reach a point in this country when American citizens would have to apply for permission from the federal government to manufacture incandescent bulbs on American soil? Was this what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

  3. You can still purchase incandescent bulbs at all the stores around here in the midwest. However, I have found that the new instant-on, natural light florescent bulbs are really nice. With my lampshades, I can not tell the difference between my old incandescent on one side of the sofa and the new fluorescent on the other side. I agree that banning the old lightbulbs is silly, but don't want to get stuck up on principle and not try the new. I am doing a test to see which lasts the longest.

  4. Speaking of lights, Happy Birthday!

  5. I totally agree about florescents, but I do like CLFs.
    I wrote an article about the light bulb ban and the thing is that there is a clause in the legislation that manufacturers are allowed to attempt the produce more efficient incandescents. They are also allowed to continue selling all the incandescents that were manufactured before the cut off date.

  6. Interesting article. It looks like the govt. is now going after halogen light bulbs later this year.

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