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Friday, March 9, 2012

Phony Contraception Debate

Cathy Ruse wrote an interesting article for the Wall Street Journal titled Limbaugh and our Phony Contraception Debate. It made me wonder. Do you think the contraception debate grew out of the Democrats doing some kind of a marketing survey that found 1) they can use the HHS debate over financing contraception to paint the Republicans as anti-woman and secure the female vote, and 2) they can use the attack on the Church to secure the anti-Catholic bigots' vote? You can almost see them rubbing their hands together saying, "Hey, what's not to like in that double whammy approach?"

It wouldn't surprise me if it's all a sham, and it wouldn't be the first time dishonest liberals used lies and manipulation as tactics to secure their goals. The same thing happened when the liberals wanted abortion on demand. Lawrence Lader, the man Betty Friedan called the "Father of the [abortion] movement" sat down with other abortion activists and started NARAL to secure abortion whatever it took. One of his co-workers was Bernard Nathanson, the New York abortionist who later converted to pro-life champion.

Nathanson revealed how he and Lader made up statistics and polls to further their agenda including the outrageous lie that "10,000 women died every year from illegal abortions." In 1972, the last year before Roe, the U.S. Department of Vital Statistics recorded 39 deaths. Nobody knows how many die today because the policy is to record deaths from abortion according to the complication. So a woman who dies from septicemia caused by massive infection from leaving fetal parts in the uterus would not be listed as an abortion death. The dishonesty continues for a protected procedure used to solve a social problem. Nobody knows how many women are dying from legal abortion or the related deaths through hormonal chemicals, breast cancer and suicide. Here's an interesting article that raises some of these issues.  

Lader's other strategy was to "make abortion a Catholic issue" and vilify all those celibate old men who hated women. Ridiculing Catholics outdated beliefs appealed to the anti-Catholic element in society and to those Protestant denominations that had already caved in on the life issues. It was very effective.

Today's liberals (or progressives if you prefer) are using the same old strategies. Time will tell whether their lies work as well today as they have in the past.

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  1. "It causes one to wonder if the contraception mandate itself, which was audacious and perhaps irrational from the standpoint of electoral politics, was a calculated ploy to shift the debate. Once we begin debating the specific applications of Obamacare, we have implicitly accepted Obamacare. The resistance to the general idea is dulled and weakened, if not entirely forgotten. "

    Socialised medicine has turned every country it touched into a communist nightmare. It has done so by at the same time "sexually liberating" women and pulverizing the family.

    Face it, under Obamacare, we'll be faced with conscience conflicts over something EVERY month. The only way to extricate ourselves is to OPPOSE it in the first place.

    SCOTUS will be voting on Obamacare soon - is it possible the HHS dust is being kicked up to obscure our focus on that? or to fog us over the fact that Romney being the nominee means Obama elected (because he and Obama are one on Obamacare,, meaning another Geritol debate season between him and Obama)???