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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kirk Cameron: Latest Victim of "Jamming"

You dare to state a Biblical position on traditional marriage these days and you can count on the homosexual cabal calling all "jammers" to demonize you. Kirk Cameron is their latest target. It's amazing that those who consistently demand tolerance and compassion toward perversion display NONE, not one iota, toward those who stand up for 2,000 years of Christian teaching (which, incidentally, until about twenty years ago was commonly accepted). Here's the video. Does this sound like a man filled with hate? He could have ducked the question, but had the courage to address it. Good for you, Kirk! See what a few of the tolerant crowd are saying about this below the video. Click here for Kirk's response.

My comments in red.

Nikki Sixx: "Kirk Cameron, asshole of the week." No, Nikki, I think that award goes to you.

E-News Kristina Guerro: Describes the interview as Cameron "goes on a rampage." He "continues his anti-gay stance." So anyone who calmly disagrees with you, Kristina, is "on a rampage?" And speaking the truth about marriage is "anti-gay?" 

Roseanne Barr: "Kirk or kurt or whatever, Cameron is an accomplice to murder with his hate speech." Good grief! Jamming at its finest. 


  1. Wow Mary Ann, they really come out with the long knives, don't they! To tell the truth these days requires courage. What an upside down world we live in. But we know the truth will ultimately prevail no matter how much the evil one tries to repress it. We must pray for these poor misguide souls.

  2. It gets really old, don't it? Some Catholic/Christian/conservative blog writes on a subject, and all these random gays n' atheists start crawling out of the cracks. The whole DC lesbian fiasco has really got em stirred up these days. To be honest, I think Cameron is pretty cheesy, but he's right on this.

  3. We're not 'random' servo. We are many and growing all the time. We look out for lies and the liars who tell them. Like Mary Ann who makes out that gay men are all pedophiles. That is is simply not true and NAMBLA do not represent anyone except some tiny group of fringe maniacs. would keep quiet if people said that about you?

    Of course not.

    Kirk Cameron said about gays "“unnatural,” “detrimental,” and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization”.

    What..... we should quiet when he has no evidence for any of that? That he is a liar? I should stay silent?

    And Please Mary Ann... if you read this.... let's be clear. Paul Cameron's 'research' is not science, don't you get that? He has been ejected from professional bodies because of the way he distorts research. Don't you care that he is the purveyor of untruths? Gay men dying at 42. That's the big lie you read somewhere and believed, isn't it?

    I see it used everywhere... Uganda, Lithunania. That's how easy it is to use hate to hurt people. So much harder to show compassion and love, is't it?

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  5. So if NAMBLA is a bunch of maniacs, how come they are always marching in your gay pride parades. As for you "growing" I have no doubt that's true because of your activism in schools to pervert little children through sex education. As for no gays dying young -- give me a break. I read the obits in The Washington Blade, the gay newspaper. But maybe they just lie about the ages of the young people dying from gay related physical problems.

    You can deny reality all you want, but it's there. We aren't the ones guilty of hate. We're hated for speaking the truth. Gay sex is unnatural and disordered.