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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Long Before the Left Dumps Sandra Fluke?

The left is notorious for using people, squeezing them dry, and dropping them down the garbage chute. Sandra Fluke is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame as, like a giggling school girl, she makes the rounds of the morning talk shows. But as more information comes out the likely scenario is that she will become an embarrassment to those who have used her to advance their agenda. Watch her get dropped like a hot potato. That's par for the course in the liberal war room. Use 'em and dump 'em.

Roe and Doe are perfect examples. Jane Roe, Norma Jane McCorvey was used by the liberals to get abortion on demand, but from their point of view, like unborn babies, she was expendable. Here's what Norma says about Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who argued the Supreme Court case that enshrined abortion-on-demand in our country:
"On many occasions, Sarah Weddington had made it clear that to her I was nothing more than a name in a class-action lawsuit. Jane Roe was all that mattered to Sarah; the real Norma McCorvey was irrelevant.”  
"The truth came out in that interview. Sarah confessed, ‘I don’t care about Norma McCorvey. I care about Jane Roe. Norma McCorvey was just a name on a class-action lawsuit.’” 
“As Sarah Weddington presented my case, she used the fact that I had claimed to have become pregnant through a gang rape. The public had certain misgivings about abortion in the early seventies, but there was much greater acceptance of abortion in cases of rape.…"
"The affidavit did not happen the way I said it did, pure and simple. I lied! Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee needed an extreme case to make their client look pitiable…Sarah knew the truth, the real truth, long before she ever went to the Supreme Court in 1971. Yes, the stated reason for my abortion is based upon a lie, a great lie. So the entire abortion industry is based on a lie."
And then there was Sandra Cano, Mary Doe, the plaintiff in the companion case, Doe vs. Bolton that broke pregnancy down into "trimesters" and enshrined abortion for no reason in the first six months and any reason in the last three. Sandra was a seventeen year old when she married her husband, a very troubled man. She finally sought divorce when she was pregnant with her fourth child. Her mistake was seeking help from Legal Aid in Atlanta where she was pressured to abort her baby by civil rights lawyer Margie Pitts Hames. Hames wanted to use Cano to secure abortin and had her sign an affidavit telling her the case was about "women's rights." She pressured Sandra to abort her baby and, under relentless pressure from the unscrupulous Hames, she finally fled with her children to her grandmother in Oklahoma. No problem for Hames, she just made up the entire story fabricating Sandra's desire for abortion.

Here's what Sandra said, years later, when she saw the file of the case:
"I am against abortion; I never sought an abortion; I have never had an abortion. Abortion is murder. … The Doe v. Bolton case is based on deceit and fraud." 
 She described herself saying:
“uneducated, and naive, I was taken advantage of by an aggressive self-serving attorney, Margie Pitts Hames, the legal-aid attorney. I never wanted an abortion.”
Progressives believe that the end justifies the means so they are willing to lie and lie and lie. They weave their webs and illustrate what Hamlet said:
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.
Sandra Fluke is just the latest patsy for the liberal/progressive left. When she's outlived her usefulness, she'll be dropped on the ash heap. Pray for her. In the process, she's made a fool of herself.


  1. "Satan, the father of lies, a murderer from the beginning."

  2. Well, Of course most of us knew that Planned Parenthood and the left were using her. Why else the inflated dollar figures for contraceptives? Nevertheless, this young woman asked for it, when she decided it was all right to go before legislators and the world, tell them she was sleeping around and ask taxpapers, many of whom are not sleeping around, to foot her bill for contraceptives. How on earth was this young woman ever allowed into a college in the first place with her lack of common sense! Oh! I know! Some of her professors lack the same common sense.

  3. Georgetown University hasn't been Catholic for years. They are loaded with liberal professors and the law school is particularly bad. Sandra Fluke fits right in at a college that removed crucifixes for a time and covered up their religious identity when Obama came to speak. The Jesuits in general have stopped preaching about Almighty God because they've sold their schools to the government of the almighty dollar. (Message to Anon. I hope you understand why I went ahead and posted your comment. It was totally on target.)

  4. When I saw the controversy about Sandra Fluke my immediate thought was that this was an agenda by the left. I couldn't believe that a college student would testify before Congress about contraceptives of all things? Surely we have more important things to worry about instead of subsidizing contraceptives for college students.
    And I agree with your opinion on Roe vs. Wade. Norma McCorvey was the classic underdog used as a political pawn.

  5. I was so upset about what happened that I lay awake thinking about - all of a sudden it occurred to me "when has Georgetown ever gone along with the
    Bishops or Pope." So I called the Cardinal Newman Society and asked them if they knew if Georgetown offered contraception in it's health plan.

    Sure enough they sent me to an article that they had published about the Catholic colleges that offer contraception. The majority of these colleges were forced to do so when their respective States mandated it but Georgetown was one of the few Catholic universities that offered contraception in their health care plan without being forced to do so. It seems that Georgetown has 4 plans and 3 of them offer contraception.

    Sandra Fluke got away with a lie....Obviously she also lied about cost - at Walmart 9 dollars without insurance and if you go to a regular pharmacy depending on the product between 20 - 50 per month without insurance and of course we all know any student can walk into Planned Parenthood - we know this because we have been fighting it for years.

  6. Yes, Mary Ann, I thank you for going ahead and posting my comment since you had more information about the college than I did. Annonomous on March 7 at 8:01pm.