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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What the Attack on Sarah Palin Reveals About Leftist Hate-Mongers

Hat tip to Ray at Political Brambles for pointing me to this great article debunking the Hollywood elite's attack on Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change.  If anything shows what liars the left are, it's their foaming-at-the mouth hatred for Sarah Palin, and HBO's hit piece illustrates it in spades. Ray, who just watched the documentary, Undefeated, that outlines Palin's record of accomplishments as Governor of Alaska had something to say about Palin-hatred as well. My comments in red:
[Undefeated] showed the malicious distortions of the left lying and caricaturing Sarah Palin in ways that I thought were amazingly malicious. They follow Saul Alinsky's rule that the end justifies the means, so "borking" anyone with whom they disagree is A-okay. How can serious people, people with any sense of decency and honesty, do that?  That one's easy. Many on the left are dishonest and don't give a fig for decency. Remember Bill Clinton, serial groper? Any party that worships a probable rapist has an ethics problem. The documentary traced Palin's rise to the governorship of Alaska and showed how much of a reformer she was, cleaning up massive amounts of corruption.  The people of Alaska are better off because of Sarah Palin's integrity and hard work.  Then the left went into destroy mode and filed endless ethics complaints with no merit but which had to be defended by Palin in court at great expense.  She had no personal fortune.  Her family is middle-class and the campaign worked, and that's itself an indictment of the left and of the whole system that lets a good governor be driven from office. The courts are the left's lackeys. If leftists can't get what they want through law, like abortion or same sex marriage, they just mandate it through the courts. Which is why we need to throw out the bums in Congress and put some in who will use their constitutional power to remove these issues from the jurisdiction of the courts. I am disgusted with the left. too. There is one thing that I will never do because of this kind of thing and that is vote for a Democrat. Know what you mean...I think Joe Sobran got it right when he called them the "evil party." And it's the same thing Clarence Thomas' mom said after they ran him through their attempted high-tech lynching. Andrew Breitbart appeared in "Undefeated" and one of the things he said will stick with me a long time.  He said that the failure of the Republican Establishment to defend Palin against these unfounded attacks showed them up as a bunch of eunuchs. That sounds like a compliment compared to what they really are.  That's exactly right.  We have lost the virtues of courtesy, civility, honor, and respect and in our modern world it is starting to show in the total lack of trust you can have in your political servants would-be masters.  It's disgusting! AMEN!


  1. And these news programs and newspapers wonder why their viewers and subscribers are declining. They blame it on the internet, but that is not the real reason. Many of us have just given up on some newspapers, magazines and television viewing as most are just Hollywood gossip sheets and/or are anti-traditional family and pro-abortion. President Obama's administration just keeps bailing such failures out, but they just keep losing. Hollywood gives most of its Oscars to failed movies that decent families will not attend and defends statuatory rapists like Polanski while implying all Catholic priests are child abusers. It seems as if they are just patting each other on the back while the money goes down the drain. Many of their misuse of drugs, multiple marriages and lack of self respect by using terribly immodest clothing just indicates that they are not truly happy, but just putting on a show. (Excuse the pun please.)

  2. Regarding my last post at 3:24 AM, there still are some good movies being put out, and we do need to encourgae them -- Of Gods and Men; Courageous; Lord of the rings and many others come to mind, and there is a DVD coming out about the war against the Vendee in France. I cannot think of its name at this time, so do, by all means, support the good films and DVDs.