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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Reality of the Obamacare Disaster

I can't believe how many people, especially young adults, really believe that Obamacare will expand health care to everybody in the universe without it costing a penny. Well, I'm about to go on Medicare and, frankly, I plan to do everything I can to stay healthy because  the elderly are going to get hit big time. Medicare is being cut to provide more to Medicaid and you can't cut and provide better or even the same services as before.

Here's an article on 10 Terrible Provisions in Obamacare. After you read about these, move on to some more exciting facts about Obama's takeover of health care in the articles below. It ain't purty. Most of the provisions come in after the election so all the folks living in blissful la-la land about the "free" health care for all won't get their grand awakening until their premiums go through the roof and their coverage is less. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks.
Point-By-Point: The Case Against Obamacare
Obamacare Knows Best?

1 comment:

  1. Next up: Dr Obama's eugenics mandate.

    Obama cares less about old people than he does of the unborn.

    Remember the daughter who spoke about her mother receiving a pacemaker at 100 years old (now 105) because of the quality of her life, and he responded that hey maybe they need a pain pill because there are other mothers who need medical care.

    We all remember how distraught : ) Obama looked when when his own grandmother was dying. Why he had to hang around overnight in Hawaii while the old lady too her sweet time croaking. Fortunately he was able to pull himself together in the morning so he could play some hoops.

    And he just loves to crow: "You ain't seen nothin' yet"**

    **Don't worry about Medicare cuts if you are homosexual, have AIDS, or need psychiatric intervention because of hateful bigots who make you feel bad or if you need plastic surgery because you've lost your good looks as you've gotten older. Homosexuals are exempted from the take-a-pill-and-die rules.