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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joseph Nicolosi: Helping to Free Homosexuals Who Want Out!

Okay, hear what the doc says. You need a highly motivated client who wants to be free from his homosexual desires. This isn't about imposing anything on anybody, but Dr. Nicolosi has been vilified, and I do mean vilified, by the homosexual community.

Now that you've watched this video, watch the next one where Nicolosi leaves "in a huff" as CNN puts it. But don't go away until you read about the CNN reporter's dishonesty that follows Nicolosi's exit.

"For the record," as CNN says, Love Won Out is a project of Exodus International. It has nothing to do with Nicolosi's therapy clinic. CNN gives the impression that Nicolosi is the author of the material being shown when, in fact, Love Won Out is a program developed by Focus on the Family. Is it just possible that Dr. Nicolosi doesn't agree with everything that others say about homosexuality? I'm not surprised he's  reluctant to talk to the media and CNN's dishonesty isn't likely to make him more eager in the future.

But, "for the record," as they say, I want to thank Dr. Nicolosi for helping young people who want out of the homosexual lifestyle. I happen to have a young friend who spent about ten years as an active homosexual. He went through all the bad stuff associated with the lifestyle - drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and depression - before he finally decided he wanted out.

Thank God for people like Dr. Nicolosi who don't tell folks like my young friend that the only answer is learning to accept that you're "gay." No, it isn't and there are plenty of folks out there who have made the change or choose to live chastely.