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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joseph Nicolosi: Helping to Free Homosexuals Who Want Out!

Okay, hear what the doc says. You need a highly motivated client who wants to be free from his homosexual desires. This isn't about imposing anything on anybody, but Dr. Nicolosi has been vilified, and I do mean vilified, by the homosexual community.

Now that you've watched this video, watch the next one where Nicolosi leaves "in a huff" as CNN puts it. But don't go away until you read about the CNN reporter's dishonesty that follows Nicolosi's exit.

"For the record," as CNN says, Love Won Out is a project of Exodus International. It has nothing to do with Nicolosi's therapy clinic. CNN gives the impression that Nicolosi is the author of the material being shown when, in fact, Love Won Out is a program developed by Focus on the Family. Is it just possible that Dr. Nicolosi doesn't agree with everything that others say about homosexuality? I'm not surprised he's  reluctant to talk to the media and CNN's dishonesty isn't likely to make him more eager in the future.

But, "for the record," as they say, I want to thank Dr. Nicolosi for helping young people who want out of the homosexual lifestyle. I happen to have a young friend who spent about ten years as an active homosexual. He went through all the bad stuff associated with the lifestyle - drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and depression - before he finally decided he wanted out.

Thank God for people like Dr. Nicolosi who don't tell folks like my young friend that the only answer is learning to accept that you're "gay." No, it isn't and there are plenty of folks out there who have made the change or choose to live chastely.


  1. Anonymous, your post was so vile I will not put it up. Join the discussion when you know how to argue with respect.

  2. The homosexual agenda has definitely picked up steam in the media. I'm sure they're looking at a soon-to-be victory and foaming at the mouth, especially now that the government itself is coming down against their biggest enemy, religion.

    The really sad thing is all of the hypocrisy of those who are homosexual or claim to support them. Such anger, hate and vileness spews from their mouths while in the same breath they claim to be tolerant and loving; it's really breathtaking to behold.

    Satan has pulled out all the stops and he knows his time is short. Things have been ramping up for awhile now, but have gotten much worse since the start of the year. I imagine he smells victory, but he has already lost. The only thing undecided is how many souls he'll drag to hell with him when God's justice is served.

    Here are a couple of prayers I have for the conversion of sinners that I pray often, if anyone would like to use them as well:

    ~Prayer for the Conversion of Sinners~

    Holy Trinity, through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, your mother, daughter and spouse, show mercy to the wicked and touch their hearts. Bring them to true remorse and repentance. Guide them to a life of goodness and virtue in service of your Holy Catholic Church.

    ~Prayer for the Heart~

    Beloved Blessed Mother, through your perfect love of God and your unfettered adherence to his law, touch the hearts of the misguided, scared and confused. Guide the misled from the errors of their ways, heal their hearts and show them the truth so they may return to your Son and to the glory of the Holy Catholic Church.

  3. Nicolosi is indeed hated - because he knows what he is talking about - God bless him.

  4. Golly, we should expect honesty from the Lavender Lobby?

  5. "Nicolosi is indeed hated - because he knows what he is talking about - God bless him."

    Really? Is that why Dr. Nicolosi's therapies have been dismissed as unproven and potentially damaging wby the APA 2009 report?

    Is that why NO mainstream mental health organisation endorses so-called reparative therapy? Is that why leaders of Exodus are now saying "99.9%" of persons seeking conversion fail to do so?

    Oh, the guy is a real 'expert'. That's not venom. I'm stating facts.

  6. The APA is a political body. They removed homosexuality as a mental disorder after gay activists intimidated and lobbied them. And now the same thing is happening with pedophilia. Do you agree that the APA should remove pedophilia from their list of disorders?

    I read a comment you left on a BBC article asking whether the Church should change its position on homosexuality. I'll post the comment here for other readers to understand where you are coming from.

    "As a Catholic, I'm saddened by what the Pope has to say and also by his choice of timing and location. Can he not see and make the linkage between upholding a belief that gays are against nature and the violence and discrimination that we suffer? "Objectively disordered" is a dehumanising statement in the context. Such hypocrisy to hold that we are deserving of compassion but are not fully human.
    Paul McMichael, UK"

    The pope never said that "gays are against nature." He said their ACTIONS are unnatural, a world of difference. Are you distorting his words on purpose? Same-sex attraction is a disordered attraction just as adult sexual attraction to children is disordered. That is simply a fact.

    As for accusing the pope of causing "violence and discrimination" against gays, that's absurd and slanderous. The Church also condemns adultery and fornication, so by your logic they would be advocating violence against adulterers and fornicators. This is just more homosexual "jamming" against anyone who disagrees with you.

    That's the ultimate "hypocrisy" from a group that never tires of demanding tolerance and compassion for their sins while labeling those who disagree with them hate-mongers and homophobic.

  7. Good afternoon. As you know Dr. Mr. Joseph Nicolosi has different opinion on homosexuality? What is the evidence for Mr have said that Dr. Nicolosi does not agree with the claims of CNN? Note: do not belong to the LGBT community, do not belong to the government or anything like that. I'm just asking for answers because I am troubled and need to rely on nicolosi doctor again, because since I saw this CNN video of accusing Dr. nicolosi seemed a contradiction and I stopped believing. HELP !! Thank you !! Forgive me my bad english, I'm Portuguese of Portugal. hugs !!

  8. I'm sorry for your confusion. I completely support Dr. Nicolosi. CNN has an agenda and they will do everything they can to support it including lying and distorting the work of those with whom they disagree - including Dr. Nicolosi. Continue to trust Dr. Nicolosi. He is more trustworthy than CNN which is committed to gay propaganda.

    Anybody who wants to give up a serious habitual sin needs to be highly motivated. An alcoholic who isn't won't stay on the wagon. A man with a roving eye and a heart full of lust won't stay faithful to his wife. The same is true of the homosexual. That's why we need to pray so hard for those enslaved to same-sex lust (or any other kind for that matter).