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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

John Vinson and the Hate Hogs

I've mentioned before that I love Chronicles Magazine and the latest issue just confirms it. John Vinson's column, Beating the Left at Their Own Game hit a bullseye. I wish the article was on their website, but it's not. Here are several paragraphs from the article:
Leftists love to obsess about hate. It seems to be on their tongues all the time, and it may have already surpassed racist as their expletive of choice to hurl at conservatives, traditionalists, Middle Americans, and other folks they detest. You don't have to be a psychologist to understand the meaning of projection -- that, when people obsessively accuse others of something, they are likely guilty of it themselves. 
And indeed, in today's America, it's not hard to see where most of the hostility is coming from. If you happen to express an opinion counter to politically correct orthodoxy, expect swift retribution from the Talibans of left-wing tolerance. You may have to apologize to angry inquisitors, lest you lose your reputation and job. Or you might just lose them anyway....
Increasingly, the dominant p.c. wing of the left simply dismisses reason and logic, which are, after all, nothing more than white male social constructs designed to thwart social justice. Where once the leftists made their case on the supposedly scientific claims of classical Marxism, they now often presume that truth, such as it exists, is whatever they say it is.
Vinson goes on to recommend that the defenders of the truth should borrow the tactics of the left by using Saul Alinsky's strategy of ridicule and humor against them. "One gains power over a behavior by putting a label on it." The label Vinson suggests for the liberal hater is "hate-hype viper." Now a snake is a good image, but, on thinking about it, I prefer a football metaphor.

The "hogs" used to run interference for John Riggins when he played for the Redskins back in the late 70s and 80s. So the perfect label for those liberals running interference for an agenda by knocking out the opposition by accusing them of "hate" is "hate-hype hog." The "hate-hype hogs" advance the liberal agenda, whether it's Barrack Obama's contraceptive mandate or the gay demand for homosexual marriage by demonizing anyone who disagrees with it. You can hear the hate-hype hogs squealing that those who oppose the contraceptive mandate "hate women and are at war with reproductive choice." In similar vein they squeal that those who oppose gay marriage are homophobes filled with hate for gays. They'll squeal and accuse anyone of hate who opposes anything they want, hyping it to an hysterical pitch.

The goal of the hate-hype hogs is to advance the agenda by knocking out the opposition, just like the Redskin hogs clobbered their opponents so John Riggins could advance the ball. Their goal is to get their agenda across for a touchdown no matter what it takes. The only difference between the football hogs and "hate-hype hogs" is that the Redskins played by the rules. The "hatehype hogs" follow no rules, no reason, no truth. They will lie, cheat, steal, and, yes, hate to get what they want. It's all part of the liberal game plan where the end justifies the means even when it requires one to use vicious hate-filled tactics to destroy adversaries. It's high time these "hate-hype hogs" were recognized as the wild beasts they are.

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