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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Are We Serious about Stopping the Ebola Virus?

UPDATE! Dallas Health Care Worker Gets Ebola Despite Protective Suit

Is protective gear inadequate?

I found this article on ebola  enlightening...and scary. It got me thinking about all the commotion over the H1N1 virus a few years ago. Think about it -- here was a virus that was much less lethal than ebola and we were getting jammed night and day about it. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies had developed a vaccine and there was lots of money to be gained by convincing everyone to get it. But the seriousness with which it was treated (or should I say hysteria) was continuous.

And yet ---Most of those who caught H1N1 survived. Those who died were mostly the physically compromised and the elderly who developed pneumonia and died from that. But the disease itself killed few.

Now we have a horribly virulent disease with few treatment options (especially in the third world) that kills 50 - 90% of its victims depending on medical care. And what do we find? Government telling us it's hard to catch. Not to worry. Hey...we've got it under control. We're confident it won't be a big deal in the U.S.... Stop flights from infected nations? Not necessary....yadda...yadda...yadda.

How about you? Are you confident they government including the CDC are telling you the truth?


Anonymous said...

Confident? Are you kidding? Take a look at Tom Frieden, the Democrat doctor who heads the CDC. All you need to know is that he served as Mayor Bloomberg's health commissioner -- the progressive behind the policies of Bloomie's secular religion: soda bans/tobacco use/condom distribution/sex education of our children and on and on. Never any discussion of the dangers of Aids or its deadly consequences. You can rate how trustworthy he was by looking how all this won him a promotion to Obamaland.

c matt said...

Government telling the truth? Is it even ontologically capable of doing such a thing?