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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get Rid of Those Black Babies! Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Aimed at Population Control.

Is the WHO trying to sterilize Kenyan women through its Tetanus Vaccine Campaign?

It's happened before -- in the Philippines, Nicaragua, and Mexico -- a vaccine laced with HCG, the pregnancy hormone, and aimed only at women and girls. Why? Because injecting HCG causes women to build antibodies against it so when pregnancy takes place their immune systems attack the pregnancy and they miscarry.. 

Is that what Bill Gates meant when he said that vaccine programs were the answer to over-population? Liberals never met a baby of color they wouldn't be happy to abort. They would rather provide the Third World with dangerous chemical contraceptives and abortion machines rather than give them what they really need: clean water systems, anti diarrhea medication, and antibiotics.

I remember a conversation with a young woman arguing for abortion because the poor in the Third World need it. Yes, of course, kill those children of the poor -- especially the Africans. What does it say when the main thing the rich want to do for the poor is kill their children? 

Thank you, Bill Gates. 

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