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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Congratulations to Chelsea and Marc

And a big welcome to little Charlotte. Let's pray that Chelsea has an "aha" moment recognizing that all babies are just as precious and worthy of protection in the womb. According to WAPO, Chelsea works at the family's humanitarian foundation:
Even in her late stage of pregnancy, Chelsea Clinton, 34, helped preside over the family's annual conference last week, conducting interviews onstage and announcing efforts to promote community service and to stop the killing of elephants and trafficking of ivory. An advocate for elephants, she warned that her child "could grow up in a planet without elephants."
That comment made me shake my head and laugh ruefully. It also reminded me of liberals' defense of baby seals, snail darters, kangaroo rats, eagles' eggs, etc. They defend the "rights" of all these animals even in the egg or lair. But babies in the womb? They are disposable.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Chelsea were as concerned about her child growing up in a planet without the little angels born with Down Syndrome (Ninety percent are murdered before birth.) or the one-third of completely healthy children murdered for convenience who will be missing from her daughter's classroom?

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