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Monday, October 6, 2014

Darn that Global Warming...LOL!

Cold Temps Set Record as Snow Arrives in Chicago

And another article from early last year. Get ready for a new ice age! Blame the sun:
"The last time the sun was this inactive, Earth suffered the Little Ice Age that lasted about five centuries and ended in 1850. Crops failed through killer frosts and drought. Famine, plague and war were widespread. Harbours froze, so did rivers, and trade ceased. 
"It's way too early to claim the same is about to happen again, but then it's way too early for the hysteria of the global warmers, too."
We may be praying for global warming before this winter is over!


Anonymous said...

There is a difference between climate and weather. Even if humans are not causing climate change we should still make responsible changes. Reducing pur carbon footprint reduces pollution. Coal power is responsible for a large amount of pollution, making children very I'll as a result. It destroys the mountains and poisons the land around the mines and plants. Miners die from mining accidents. It's archaic technology. When we make choices that are good for the earth, we make choices that are good for us. Walk rather than drive. Eat less, more plants. Do you really need that new coat, dress, shoes, etc? Do you really need a large, gas guzzling vehicle?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We're called to be good stewards of the earth. And doing with less as you say would be a good thing.

As for coal being archaic, it would be nice if that were true, but fossil fuels still account for about 80% of our energy production. Coal alone provides 40%. (I'd like data on your statement that coal is "making children very ill."

There is no way wind and solar can make up for fossil fuel energy production. And there is plenty of opposition to nuclear (19% of energy) as well with waste that takes centuries to break down and become harmless.

So are you willing to go back to candles and wood burning stoves? (Burning wood causes pollution too.)

As for "gas guzzling" vehicles, a large, generous Catholic family can't drive a smart car. Besides, how is the electricity for the car generated?

I agree, we all need to be less consumer oriented, more for the spiritual benefit than the secular. Moderation and temperance are virtues. But I suspect that most people criticizing fossil fuel energy have microwaves, electric or gas stoves, TV, computers, smart phones and kindles and cameras that all need charging, etc.

So let's be realistic. Here are a few sites on the reality of our need for fossil fuels.

And how would walking (or biking) to your place of employment, the grocery store, church, vacation, etc. work for most people?

Climate is simply weather monitored over a long period of time. The past sixteen years have shown a cooling global climate rather than a warming one. It's happened before in history. Ever hear of the Medieval warm period? It lasted for several centuries and certainly was not due to any human intervention.