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Sunday, October 5, 2014

VA Attorney General Enables Felony Child Abuse!

Virginia AG: Abortion Clinic Inspectors Don’t Have to Report Statutory Rape

Well, he's a Democrat after all and rape and abuse are just no big deal to Democrats -- unless they can glean some political capital out of it -- like attacking the Catholic Church. 

Statutory rape in Virginia is a felony and teachers and health workers are mandatory reporters. But, hey, Democrats make up the rules as they go along. So the little thirteen-year-old got knocked up by a twenty-five year old man she met at the playground? She must have been a little Lolita who made him do it. Prosecution? Heck no -- it might damage his future career in politics. Abortion is a godsend for these creeps. It's also a protected institution and they will do anything they can to enable it no matter who gets hurt or killed. Look how long Kermit Gosnell was allowed to murder babies and kill and maim their mothers before he was prosecuted and locked up for life. How many other Gosnells are out there protected by Democrats like Mark Herring and Terry McAuliffe. 

And while we're talking about Democrats and their scandals do you think anybody will go after McAuliffe for this stinker of a scandal?

Sen. Phillip Puckett resigned because ethics rules precluded his daughter applying for a District Judgeship she was filling on a temporary basis as long as he was in office.

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