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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pro-Lifers Have the Right to Free Speech!

This woman probably either had an abortion or helped someone else get an abortion. Please pray for her. How far has she buried her hurt? Let's pray that someone gives her information about healing.

It was great to see a police officer defending the right to free speech. Thanks to this gracious officer. He really was a peace-keeper.

And thanks to pro-lifers who go out to confront the culture of death. Many high school kids are sexually active and facing the abortion decision. Being there reaches the very ones who need the information about the humanity of the unborn and assistance that's available. Please pray for the sidewalk warriors who defend the babies!


newguy40 said...


What is the quote? "...They’re Fighting A Battle You Have Absolutely No Idea About..." There seemed to me to be a great deal of pain and grief there in that woman. I almost always remember to add folks like this to my rosary. Almost makes me cry.

I'm glad for the police officers, too. Good they were there.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

When I was sidewalk counseling my reaction to a woman like this would be to acknowledge her anger. "You are obviously very upset by these picture. They are upsetting. I don't like to look at them either." Sometimes they would deflate and share their stories. And I often shared some of my extended family's stories as well and would tell them I did understand the "battle."

I think the young gentleman speaking in the video probably didn't have a lot of experience. But I'm glad he was there. You can't touch hearts if you aren't there.