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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Is a Pandemic Coming? Pray the Rosary!

Missouri Doctor: ‘It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before [Ebola] Is Carried To Every Corner Of The World’
I've been thinking about Our Lady's warning at Fatima that if men didn't repent a worse war would take place. Of course she was predicting World War II. But even before that war began, the world was afflicted with the influenza pandemic of 1918 that carried off millions -- even more souls than died in the "great war."

Mary made her predictions in 1917 when she appeared to the three little shepherds. Think of it, we are only three years away from the 100th anniversary of the Fatima miracle. And where are we in the light of it?  In this century have we turned from sin as Mary asked? Are we a holier world now than in 1917 when the sun danced or in the 1930s when the "strange light" appeared heralding the onset of World War II? Hardly!

Are we on the cusp of a new world war -- against an uncontrollable disease that will infect "every corner of the globe?" It certainly seems not only possible, but likely.

As I reflected on this it occurred to me how happy the population controllers must be. Hey, they won't need to send birth control and abortion to Africa, just delay measures to treat and control ebola. Already millions are in quarantine in Sierra Leone and thousands have died from the disease in Liberia. Ted Turner must be dancing a jig. He wants to reduce world population by five billion. Ebola is a good first start. His strategy is to mandate the one-child family like China, but ebola can supercharge that goal and bring it about a lot quicker. One Liberian in the U.S. living in Texas has already lost seven family members to the disease.

If you aren't living the Fatima message and praying the rosary every day wouldn't this be a good day to begin? October is the month of the holy rosary and it's also the feast of St. Francis of Assisi who had a great devotion to Our Lady. He wrote some beautiful prayers in her honor. So let us pray the rosary for an end to the ebola pandemic and for our own personal sanctification that we might be prepared every day and every minute to meet the Lord.

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