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Monday, October 6, 2014

I Never Did Trust Fr. Jonathan Morris....

"Beware of celebrity clergy." Amen!

After my own experience being scandalized at a Catholic college, I used to tell my teenage children, "Just because someone is wearing a Roman collar doesn't mean he's telling you the truth."

Test the spirits.

Mary did when the angel appeared to her and seemed to be telling her to break her vow of virginity. His explanation (along with a reported miracle - the barren Elizabeth's pregnancy) led her to reply, "I am the maidservant of the Lord." And then she immediately went off as an apostle of charity to assist her cousin.

An absolute necessity today is CRITICAL THINKING. Not everyone in a doctor's lab coat knows what he's talking about when he gives you medical advice. Not every woman with the title "Sister" before her name can be trusted for spiritual advice.

Respect everyone as a child of God, but don't respect ideas and opinions that conflict with the faith.

Treat everyone with courtesy, but if they are promoting ridiculous ideas, a little ridicule of those ideas isn't a bad strategy.

Test the spritis! It's a biblical admonition.


Anonymous said...

Another fair-haired, former Legionarie back in the news; unlike Tom Williams (Mr. Elizabeth Lev Glendon), he didn't quit the priesthood - only the Legionaries for the New York Archdiocese - from an apologist for Nuestro Padre (Marcial Maciel) to one for Cardinal Tiny Tim.

breathnach said...

Sean Hannity needed a "yes cleric" to smooth away the Church's teaching on contraception. Jonathan Morris was on call, and dutifully appeared on television to soft pedal an unpopular teaching. The holy priests of the Franciscans of the Immaculate are being punished for attempting to receive faculties from sympathetic bishops, however Father "Smooth it Away" Morris hasn't a worry in the world, he has powerful friends going to bat for him.

TLM said...

I have always 'brissled ' when listening to Fr. Morris. You can pick it out by the non confirmation of true Catholic teaching. He's always very vague, and 'compromising' He is another 'wolf' in sheep's clothing.

Caroline said...

Very wise words re:'test the spirits.' It's always needed, but ever more so today.
I was never comfortable with him either.+

susan said...

I gotta say, though I really do like Michael Voris, that him doing a 10 minute piece on the flawed and spiritually dangerous vow to not criticize superiors, even when said superior is causing GRAVE scandal, is really, really, REALLY ironic...and rich.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can you elaborate, Susan? I think I see where you're going, but I'd be interested in your comment.

Daniel Harrison said...

It would not surprise me to see Fr Johnathan Morris "outed" one of these days. There is something in my gut that tells me that this man is "living in the closet"