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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stay Away from the Netherlands

Assisted Suicide "Out of Control"

Very sad...Here's a country that stood up against the Nazis, hid 25,000 Jews 3/4 of whom survived the war, went on a general workers' strike when the Nazis deported several hundred young jews in 1941, and supported their persecuted brethren in many other ways.... And now? The Dutch are murdering people left and right, adopting the philosophy of those they vigorously opposed just seventy years ago.

Remember, the Nazi killing spree began against full-blooded German citizens with the T4 euthanasia program. It targeted the mentally ill and physically handicapped. Only after emptying out hospitals and homes caring for these people did the Nazis target Jews, Slavs, and others considered untermenschen.  Here are some disturbing facts from the article:
"Deaths from euthanasia have risen by a total of 151 percent in a period of just seven years, with most cases involving cancer sufferers. However, there were also 97 people who were killed by their doctors because they had dementia.
"The figures do not include "terminal sedation", where the patient is sedated and then has food and fluids withdrawn. If they did, however, euthanasia would account for one in eight of all deaths in the Netherlands.
"Dr Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship told the Daily Mail that euthanasia in the Netherlands is 'way out of control', saying that it proves that assisted dying is impossible to regulate....
 "'What we are seeing in the Netherlands is "incremental extension", the steady intentional escalation of numbers with a gradual widening of the categories of patients to be included. The lessons are clear. Once you relax the law on euthanasia or assisted suicide steady extension will follow as night follows day.'"
As we see assisted suicide expanding in our own country, we would be wise to consider what happens when you turn doctors into killers. It was the doctors in Germany who ran the T4 program. They chose the victims and helped develop more and more efficient ways of killing them including gas chambers disguised as showers.

When you turn your care-givers into cold-blooded killers who will you trust when your sick? How will you know what's in that needle or that bag of saline solution?  Think about it!

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