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Thursday, October 2, 2014

CDC: They're Either Lying about Ebola or They're "Grossly Incompetent"

Doctor Dons Ebola Protection Gear to Fly

More Ebola Cases Expected in U.S. 

Sounds like we are in for a rocky ride ahead. I wonder how the Spanish Influenza pandemic started. We may find out. And as you listen to these docs assuring us that there's nothing to worry about consider the respiratory virus hospitalizing hundreds of children across the mid-west. Do you really believe that the ebola virus is hard to catch? Guess we'll find out.

1 comment:

newguy40 said...

I say fire the whole fedgov and stop the dang flights.

With recent news out of DC, it may too late and the time has gone by to shut the door.

A good reminder to get to our Eucharistic Lord on this first Friday.
Pray for forgiveness and mercy. And, pray it's not too late. Beg for our Lady's intercession. Again.