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Saturday, October 4, 2014

RIP, Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, Rest in Peace

I met Fr. Benedict only once, at the March for Life. He was standing on the curb and our group went over to say hello and thank him for his ministry, especially his preaching. His response, "I'm like a nickelodeon. Just put in your nickle and it comes spilling out." What a funny, charming man. He will be sorely missed. Fr. Benedict, pray for us. And let us pray for him as well. A priest once said to me, "There is no one deader than a dead priest" because a priest has no family of his own. So let us never forget to pray for our dearly beloved priests and for the repose of their souls. Which reminds me of several who have been important in my life who have gone on ahead:

Fr. Hugh Monmonier, the priest who witnessed our marriage, pray for us, dear father on our 45th wedding anniversary today.
Fr. Robert Bradley, S.J., who was my spiritual director for a time, pray for us, Father, I think of you whenever we travel to Texas. We miss you!
Bishop Thomas Welsh, who blessed our house in Alexandria and was always so gracious to me, pray for us. 
Fr. John Hardon, S.J., who gave me advice about the Les Femmes apostolate and was a retreat master for me on two blessed occasions, pray for us. We pray for your beatification.
Msgr. Richard Burke who was so supportive of Les Femmes in the early days, pray for us. 

Be assured, dear spiritual fathers, that we pray for you as well.

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