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Friday, October 10, 2014

Gender Goofiness in Nebraska -- What Planet Do These "Educators" Live On?

Public School in Nebraska Wants to Eliminate "Boys and Girls"

Parents need to start screaming, "The Emperor Has no Clothes!" Sorry, folks, but until new babies can choose a penis or vagina in the delivery room (maybe the medical techies can make velcro attachments), boys are conceived and born as boys and girls are conceived and born as girls. It's in the DNA, Stupid! 

Fr. John Hardon, S.J. used to lament the fact that millions of people in the United States "live in a dream world." And they want to force the rest of us to do the same. Father exhorted his retreatants, "If you make one resolution from this retreat, let it be to live in the real world." 

When he died in 2000 things weren't nearly as bizarro as they are today, but he must have seen where the PC police were taking us. So follow his advice and stand up to the ninnies trying to get you to jump on their PC bandwagon. Don't do it! The tires are all flat, the conductor is standing on his head waving his feet, and every member of the band is playing a different tune (badly). Who can listen to that cacophony? 

Live in the real world with the author of truth. His band is led by St. Cecilia with the angel choirs. Any other world is populated by shysters and con men offering tickets on the train to Loonyland. Don't go there!

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