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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Final Synod Document on the Family with the Tally of Votes

If you haven't read the final document from the Extraordinary Synod on the Family and noted the vote tally on each paragraph you can find it here in English.  Every paragraph received a majority vote of the Synod Fathers. The three controversial paragraphs did not receive the necessary 2/3rd vote, but Pope Francis called for them to be included in the final document along with the vote numbers.

Why? I've been trying to figure out what possible purpose could be served except to send the message that the question is still open on whether the divorced and remarried without annulment can receive Communion as well as the controversial items relating to homosexuality and cohabitation. I can't help thinking that the pope called for the vote tallies because it allowed Kasper and co. to publicly proclaim that the majority of cardinals favored those paragraphs and to imply that change is just a question of time. What other construction can be put on that "unprecedented" action? Can anyone think of one? I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an alternative other than the continued manipulation of the Synod and its outcome.

What do you think? What next?

You can also find the individual working group reports here. 


Православный физик said...

New tactics, they'll use....

TLM said...

The only other motive that I can think of, would be to expose all that went on in the Synod (or Sin od, as I have seen:) so that we know exactly what we're up against? I would suppose you could look at this from either side, but it will ALL DEPEND on what the Holy Father himself does with this. The ball seems to be in his court.

Anonymous said...

Just think of the positives from this synod - the wolves have been exposed! Now the world knows who the Cardinals & Bishops are that are trying to introduce these changes which are not good. Evil has been exposed. Maybe the Holy Father wanted to know for certain who these men are and their positions within the church. Yours in JMJ,